When deciding on a label composition, one major decision is about what adhesive type to use.

Why does adhesives type matter?

Not every surface is compatible with having a label stuck to it, so depending on what your label being applied to, consideration for adhesive type is a must!

What adhesive types are there?

At CS labels, we have a range of adhesive types available. The more important question to ask is “what is your label being applied to?”


If you need a bottle label, or something for a plastic tub, aluminium can (like for beer), if it’s being used in very low or high temperatures, or even if you need it to be removable, these are all different adhesive types.

We’re here to help guide you on what you need

The adhesive guide below will help you decide on the best adhesive type to use.

Adhesive Type Adhesive Make Up Tack Peel Adhesion / Shear Minimum Application Temp (℃) Service Temp (℃) Application Perfect For Not Recommended
Standard Removable Acrylic Based Medium Low -25 -40 to 60 Medium tack, combined with good removability, suited for Cardboard, PE-Films and Glass. Take care on coated surface materials as it may not be suitable. Cardboard, PE, Glass. Coated Surfaces.
Ultra Removable Acrylic Based Medium Low / Easy Peel 0 -20 to 70 Medium tack with excellent removability. Particularly suited for labelling smooth objects, books, glass or metals. Not recommended for rough and sharp cured surfaces. Books, Glass, Metals. Rough Surfaces, Heavily Curved Surfaces.
Standard Permanent for Paper Acrylic Based High Very High 0 -30 to 80 Wide range of applications, price point labels, industrial labels, suitable for labelling rough surfaces but not heavily curved surfaces. Paper, Industrial labelling. Heavily Curved Surfaces.
Standard Permanent for Filmic Acrylic Based High High /
Very High
0 -30 to 80 Filmic label adhesive for various surfaces. Ideal for cosmetics & personal hygeine industries. Plastics, Metals. Rough Surfaces.
Permanent - Hi Tack Acrylic Based Very High High/High -10 -30 to 80 Excellent tack on cold surfaces down to -10℃. Suitable for polar and non-polar surfaces such as plastic containers etc. Once labelled, becomes highly waterproof. Cold Environments, Plastics, Wet Environments. Warm Temperature for Applicaions.
Permanent - Hi Tack
(up to -10℃)
Acrylic Based Very High Very High / Very High -10 -30 to 80 Imroved tack on cold surfaces the down to -10℃. Suited to polar and non-polar surfaces such as plastic containers. Ideal for fast running applications due to initial tack. Once Labelled, becomes highly waterproof. Cold and/or Wet Environments as well as plastcs. Warm Temperature Applications.
Permanent - Water Based materials Acrylic Water Based Medium High/High 5 -10 to 75 Good adhesion to wet surfaces at low temperature. Designed for glass containers, excellent resistance to immersion in water/ice. Not suitable for highly curved surfaces. Glass, Plastics,
Wet or Warm Environments.
Cold Application Envrionments.

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