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Automotive Labels

From Tyre Labels to Detailing Prodcuts

At CS Labels, we understand the importance of automotive and car manufacturer labels, as well as decal solutions.

We offer services that deliver long-term durability and meet all relevant industry standards. Contact us today to find out how our label printing services can help you.

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Technical Specifications

Label Environment

With the automotive industry dealing with various environments, it's essential to consider the types of labels for the intended use.

For instance, labels used on the body of a car or inside the engine bay will require some form of heat, chemical and abrasion-resistant labels.

We understand these requirements and can provide robust label solutions that meet all technical specifications.

Oil Resistance

Labels used on parts exposed to oil need to be produced using specialist inks and materials. We understand the conditions faced by these labels, which require a specific oil-resistant coating that can withstand movement and wear.

Wire and Cabiling (Wrap Around)

Automotive wiring and cables require specialised labels for various reasons. Wrap-around labels need to be designed to meet the specific needs of the automotive industry with adhesives that will withstand hot and cold climates without cracking or peeling.

Self Adhesive

Automotive service labels must be durable and instantly recognisable. Our self-adhesive labels are designed to withstand environmental conditions and provide clear, readable information that can be easily removed without leaving any residue.

Battery Acid Resistant

Automotive batteries require specific labelling to ensure safe operation and maintenance.

Heat Resistance

Automotive components are often exposed to heat, so labels must withstand temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius. Our heat-resistant and engine labels can provide clear identification and will not fade or distort over time.


Hard-wearing labels provide the best solution for areas regularly exposed to abrasion and harsh weather conditions. They are tough and will not fade.

Application Surface

Adhesive forms different bonds with different substrates. We understand the importance of surface preparation and use various specialist materials to ensure excellent adhesion to automotive components.

Labels can be applied to flat and curved surfaces, as well as metal, plastic, rubber and glass.

The Importance Of Following Automotive Labelling Standards

Automotive labelling requires high accuracy and conformance to international standards. We understand the importance of these requirements and can assist you to ensure that your labels comply with all relevant regulations, including AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group) 1984 or CLP (Custom Labelling Products).

Symbols, placement and size/height: Accurate placement and appropriate sizing or height of labels and symbols can be critical for car parts labels. We provide comprehensive labelling services that meet all requirements, including using approved symbols and fonts.

Text dimensions: Labels should include the correct text dimensions, font size and typeface to ensure operators can easily read them.

Barcode height and spacing around: Barcodes are an essential requirement for automotive labelling, and it is crucial to ensure the correct height and spacing. We use the latest printing technologies to ensure barcode accuracy, clarity and readability.

Scope Of Automotive Labels

Automotive labels are used in various applications, from the interior and exterior of vehicles to car parts, wiring and cabling, service/MOT labels, fuel lines and more.

Labels should identify all types of automotive components and meet international safety requirements

Oils and Fluids
Automotive sticker requirements for oils and fluids include all necessary information, such as warnings and directions for use, in a format that is easy to read. High-resolution print-quality opts for clear identification of motor oil labels and fluid containers.

Car Care (Cleaning, Detailing etc.)
Labels are designed to provide clear identification and instructions on car care products. Labels that will withstand the harsh conditions of car cleaning and detailing applications are considered. Include comments about peel and read for multi language and also the option of shimmer PP

Battery Labels
Battery labels provide information about the type of battery and safety warnings. We have the ability to offer materials resistant to abrasion, weathering and corrosive chemicals.

Warning Labels
Warning labels provide necessary instructions and warnings for car operators. Materials designed to meet international safety regulations and provide clear identification are often considered.

Tyre Pressure Labels
Tyre pressure labels provide information about the safe operating range of the tyre. Materials resistant to abrasion, weathering and corrosive chemicals are often considered.

Tyre Labels
Tyre labels are designed to clearly identify the tyre type, size, speed and load rating. Materials considered are often those that can be applied to smooth, curved and rubber surfaces. Not only this, but the available materials can include an aluminium barrier to allow the label to withstand any rubber chemicals.

Asset and Serial Numbers (including OEM parts)
Asset and serial numbers are used for tracking parts/vehicles throughout the manufacturing process. Labels provide high-quality print resolution and clarity, allowing for the accurate identification of components.

Barcode Labels (for identification)
Barcode labels provide an efficient and accurate method for identifying and tracking parts. Barcodes are designed to meet all relevant industry standards, ensuring accuracy, clarity and readability.

Car Interior Labels (Dashboard, seats, sun visors etc.)
Interior labels can be applied to various interior car components, including the dashboard, seats, sun visors and more. We offer labels with different tack levels which are more durable than others and are resistant to wear and frequent use whilst still providing clear identification.

Car Exterior Labels (Doors, windows etc.)
Car exterior labels can be used across the exterior of the vehicle, whether that be in the engine bay, underneath the vehicle or on the rear indicating the model/brand. Our durable materials are designed to meet international safety regulations and provide clear identification whilst withstanding harsh conditions.

External decals (for the likes of company vehicles and advertising)
We offer a range of label materials designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the outside vehicle and provide clear identification. External decals are often used for branding and advertising across a number of vehicles.