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Chemical Labels

Labels for chemical products including cleaning products, hygiene products, and car care products

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Chemical Labels: What are they?

Chemicals are required by law to be labelled, regardless of intended use, or environments in which they are stored. Chemical manufacturers often work to the BS5609 labelling standard as some can be harmful. The objective of its label is to communicate and reduce risk to safety.

CS is a leading manufacturer of chemical labels e.g. domestic or industrial cleaning products and industrial chemicals used in manufacturing. These market sectors have a demand for possibly the most challenging, comprehensive and regulated labels.


But chemical labels don’t all have to be plain or clinical. They can be informative and aesthetic! We can create labels that have bold colours and images to make the label attractive and even include raised tactile triangles if needed.

If there are specific instructions, or there’s a volume of information that you are struggling to contain within your label space, it may be worthwhile looking into a peel and reveal label. Peel and reveal labels can be multi-layer and deliver up to 5-pages of your information printed, even in colour, or with imagery) saving the need for additional paraphernalia to accompany your product.

Technical Specifications

Chemical product labels need to be durable. Knocks and even spills could happen and it’s important to keep the label intact so that the information on it, for example, any warnings or chemical content can be referred to in an emergency. When any chemical is used in a commercial environment, a CoSHH assessment is carried out to ensure that any associated risk in using it is understood.

For domestic chemical products and their labels, the same information is required, and you may want to adopt a high-build raised varnish on hazard warnings so that anyone with impaired sight will be able to understand that they need to handle with care.

Within your chemical product label design, you will need to include CLP information (classification, labelling and packaging of substances) and also consider which of the following hazard pictograms you need to include:

  • Acute toxicity
  • Corrosive
  • Explosive
  • Flammable
  • Gas under pressure
  • Hazardous to the environment
  • Health hazard/hazardous to the ozone layer
  • Oxidising
  • Serious health hazard


If you are unsure, please consult the Health and Safety Executive for more information on what safety is required to keep your chemical label compliant.

The recommendation on material for a chemical label would a Polypropylene (PP) with a laminate for chemical products with corrosive elements. The label finish is also important and the choices include a laminate or a varnish.


Why Are Labels for Chemical Products So Challenging?

The industry is highly regulated and often legislation is changed. This means that product labelling needs to be updated to remain legally compliant. Also, the volume of information required is vast compared to other products.

How Can So Much Information or Languages Fit onto A Single Label?

Peel and reveal labels are perfect for chemical labels. We can manufacture wraparound labels or 2,3,4 or even 5-page labels which can communicate huge amounts of information or instructions in multiple languages.

What Information Is Required on A Chemical Label?
  • Product identifier – such as the chemical name
  • Signal word – such as “DANGER” or “WARNING”
  • Precautionary statement – instruction to minimise risk during use
  • Supplier information – name and information
  • Pictograms – hazard symbol
  • FAQs
Can Chemical Labels Be Wipe-Clean?

Depending on the finish, there’s no reason why your label can’t sustain being wipe-cleaned.

Does My Chemical Label Have to Be White?

Not necessarily. If you look at all the of the cleaning products in your local supermarket, you’ll see that they come in various shapes, sizes and of course colours. What’s important is that the information stored on it is clear and easy to read.