Labels are a visual tool to communicate information about a product, brand, instruction and beyond.

But did you know that there are various embellishment options available to enhance the presentation, and also to entice the other senses?

Label Embellishments

Imagine browsing the shop shelves looking for something exceptional.  It might be a gift, or the search for a specialist whiskey, or a chutney with rare or premium ingredients.

The process that goes into the label is always considered and often when you pick that premium product off the shelf it might include some foiled gold on the logo, or a raised textured varnish to deliver a texture.  Ever picked up a product and said to someone “ooh this feels really lovely”.  If the presentation feels rich, it may even be the final justification needed to splash out, as “it looks like it will be worth it!”

So why not consider embossing, debossing, spot varnishes, raised varnishes, foiling, or a combination.  Making your product stand out from its competitors may be the reason for a consumer to switch brand.

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What is a label embellishment?

An embellishment is a supplement to the print, e.g. foiling, embossing, debossing, spot and raised varnishes.  Embellishments are a great way to highlight a design and bring added value.  Often key areas of labels are chosen specifically to be highlighted, e.g. logo, brand names, USPs, elements of the design that need to stand out.

What is label foiling?

A foiled label is a fantastic way to add some luxury to your digital label and are available in golds, silvers and coloured metallics. Foiled labels are beautiful and can be combined with other embellishments to create a premium and luxury effect. For example, you could combine a foiled label with embossed images to create a printed label with a distinct tactile feel. First impressions count and for many customers, the first thing they see is your label.  Foiling is typically used by wine and spirit brands, as well as beauty products, in order to enhance the look of the label to a specific audience, but can applied to any product label design.

How do you foil a label?

Machinery is used to apply pressure through the use of a specially designed plate against a sheet of foil.  This is applied against the label material giving it a metallic premium look in the desired areas.

Are coloured foils available?

Yes, we work with several foil suppliers to offer a vast selection of metallic shades and colours.  Speak to one of our team if you have something specific you need.

What is embossing & debossing?

Embossing is the process which raises the surface of a certain part of a label, making it stand out whilst sat on a shelf.   Embossing can be paired with spot and raised varnishes.  Debossing is where the pressure is applied on the opposite side so that to the touch the texture is lowered instead of raised embossing. 

What is a spot varnish?

Spot varnishing is applied to a particular area or feature of a label (through the use of a plate), rather than the entire label, in order to create a texture from labels, both for the touch and to highlight it to the eye.  This process is commonly used on book covers, where only certain parts of the cover are covered in gloss, offering a texture contrast to the surrounding matt covering.

What is a raised varnish?

A raised varnish is applied to create a build up giving a tactile or raised finish. This can be paired with embossing too.

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