10 label Design Tips to Enhance Your Products

CS Labels | 13th January 2021

Product label design tips

Label Designs for Your Products

Creating a visually eye-catching and iconic product label will increase consumer familiarity with your product, increasing its chances of expanding sales and boosting your company’s brand credibility.

Here are 10 steps that will help you create striking, simple, consumer-friendly product labelling that will help give your brand a competitive edge.


Select Complementary Colours

One of the first things a customer’s eye will be drawn to is the colour of your labels. One colour should stand out a little bolder, and the other should cover the background space.

White is a useful secondary colour, because it will go with anything, and market research suggests it is linked with cleanness and simplicity.


Keep Text Simple

This is how consumers will access the information they need to know whether to buy your product. Make it easy for them to understand.

A six-point font is the smallest you should go, and the smaller the font, the simpler it should be.


Utilise ‘White Space’

In retail labels, designers use the term ‘white space’ to refer to empty space with no design patterns. Using this space adds simplicity to your label and can give it a minimalist feel.

Consider what information needs to be communicated and display it as concisely as possible to create space between text bubbles.


Look into Unusual Shapes

The retail industry is saturated with product labels conforming to square, rectangle or circle designs. If you want to carve out a more individual look for your product, think about utilising custom printed labels with unique shapes.

Remember to make sure the label shape fits your product well, or you will end up with splits and creases.


Select High-Quality Materials for Your Product Labels

At CS Labels, we offer a wide range of materials that can be used for your digitally printed labels including polypropylene (PP)/Polyethylene (PE), paper (such as semi-gloss and matt) as well as textured/craft paper materials. You can see our full material range by clicking here.

With custom label printing, you have the option of a glossier or textured label. High-quality labels communicate premium products to consumers, and that extends to the feel as well as the visual design.


Maintain Brand Consistency

Keeping the same fonts, colours and designs across your products build familiarity with consumers. It makes products more recognisable, and multiple company designs could be confusing for buyers.

A classic example is the Coca-Cola logo, which keeps the same font across its Diet Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero labels, prompting consumers of the original to try new products under the same brand.


Display Company Contact Details

This shows company credibility and is an important step to building trust with consumers. It enables you to receive feedback on your product and will also increase traffic to your company website.

In the modern-day and age, engagement with a consumer base is critical to finding market success. Consider companies like Microsoft, which run regular newsletters to keep their customers up to date.


Consider Product Utility

Font and colour together subtly communicate the nature of your product. An elegant design might work for a line of red wines but would be unsuitable for power tools.

Similarly, a rustic design would not work for displaying electronic or computer products. Is your product environmentally friendly? If so, advertise it using green colouring. If not, using this colour might seem inappropriate, as if you are trying to trick the customer.


Be Aware of Legal Regulations

Make sure you are familiar with Product Labelling Laws because there might be restrictions on how you can label your product.

For example, in many countries, there are strict rules about what must be displayed on cigarette packet labels.


Consider Label Embellishments

Label embellishments are a great way to enhance your product and the ways in which a customer will interact. Consider the embellishment as a supplement to the print, e.g. foiling, embossing, spot and raised varnishes etc.

Embellishments will give a product the added value it deserves are a great way to highlight a design and bring added value.

What to Take Away From These 10 Label Design Tips

CS Labels are the UK’s leading digitally printed labels manufacturer; we understand the importance of ensuring that your labels are of the highest quality and thanks to our over forty-year experience, we can consistently provide our customers with the best possible solution to fit their label requirements.

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Product Label Design Tips

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