We print using Color-Logic technology to deliver special-effect metallic colours

Pure Logic with our Special Effect Metallic Label Colours!

As many of our clients know we offer a clever way of adding spectacular metallic effects to your labels if foil embellishing isn’t the best option for you.

Color-logic is a technology that prints your label design on to a metallic substrate using the ‘Color-Logic Process Metallic Color System’. The technology automatically produces a white ink mask, permitting the Xeikon presses to not only print process colour images, but create as many as 250 different metallic hues.

Some of our clients have selected this technology because for their design, it will help them increase sales and is a much better option than foiling. They have seen the results for themselves and the solution makes the labels look very attractive and really stand out on the shelf. Quest Excellence, for example have seen sales rocket by 20% year on year with their labels.

From artisan food producers to graphic designers to major FMCG players, our solutions always push the boundaries so that you can stay on top of your game in the ever-changing business climate.  And if you have any queries, don’t forget to talk to us or drop us an email for friendly advice.

Watch the video below to learn more and get in touch if you, or your design team need support in understanding how to implement Color-Logic into your artwork to deliver spectacular metallic results at a fraction of the price of premium foiling methods.

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