CS Manufactured Labels are already environmentally friendly

and here's why....

CS has always been environmentally conscious and factors environmental impact, and carbon footprint into all planning and technological upgrades.  We also aim to improve year on year where possible.  Currently CS has the following projects to deliver the best solutions whilst lowering carbon footprint and delivering a business with sustainability consistently in the forefront.

Digital print offering

CS Labels is an exclusive digital print house delivering label orders, on demand to our customers.  The advantage to digital from a sustainable perspective is that our customers only order what they need, when they need it.  This style of supply reduces energy, transport, storage and vast amounts of waste.  The print processes negate any requirement for plates, (which has a whole footprint of its own), and each run requires a fraction of setup.  In fact, our presses have been known to complete entire jobs, whilst utilising less material than the standard setup alone of traditional printing methods.

Our Technology

Xeikon presses are one of the most environmentally friendly in the market.  We operate 5 dry toner presses which are free from solvents and any hazardous emissions of volatile organic compounds.  Xeikon who supply our technology and related consumables operate on 100% renewable energy during their manufacturing pack their toners in larger tubs to reduce the frequency of customer ordering.  The toners are manufactured using 100% green electricity and are much better for the environment than traditional inks too.  It supports CS’ requirement for our technology to be environmentally considerate.

CS Production

Zero to landfil

All of our waste is repurposed to generate new energy and we have continued to be certified with Zero to Landfill status.

We have taken on the services of PRISMM Ltd who manage our waste and ensure that we work towards and maintain a Zero to landfill. This will be monitored, and figures published in the next management review. In addition, we continue to work towards reducing the consumption of paper, packaging etc as in previous years.

Cycle to work scheme

With an increase of uptake with 10% of employees newly entering into the scheme in 2020. A secure, purpose built bike shed has also been provided for employees too.

Electric Company Car Scheme

Our company car scheme consists of a growing number of fully-electric cars (Teslas) with a plan to replace the entire fleet with fully-electric cars by the end of 2022. There are also several charging stations on site for use by staff and visitors.

Solar Energy

We completed installation of 352 PV solar panels on the roof of our site in August 2020.  The installation will generate 130.24 kWP of energy (per hour) and supply in excess of 25% of the energy required to run the site.

This will also deliver an average CO2 reduction of over 31 tonnes annually, whilst generating over £1 million worth of redistributed energy over a 25 year period which the business plans to reinvest into sustainable practices/processes.

Grade A EPC for our print facility

It is the aim of the business to reduce energy consumption by finalising the move to a more energy efficient site. The new site has incorporated LED motion Sensory lighting, thermostat-controlled heating, better insulation, efficient warm air heating in the factory. Our old Midacre site has been closed and the work completed there has been consolidated all onto our Steelpark site.

Our targeted energy consumption reduction was achieved by 10% when comparing energy units as a percentage of the company’s turnover. We will endeavour to reduce overall consumption of Gas and Electrical costs when compared with turnover.

Electricity consumption has reduced 39.3% YTD based on 2018 same period even with the operation of two sites (Midacre has been downscaled) and a projected increase in turnover.

Gas consumption has increased/decreased by 19.6% YTD due to extended working hours and seasonal changes in weather conditions and a move to a second factory.

In summary, CS Labels we are wholeheartedly committed to our impact on the environment.

Digital printing is overall much greener than traditional methods. It uses less raw materials, energy and water.

Xeikon toners are made with sustainable energy.

Our new premises have an energy rating of A.

We are committed to the environment and now utilize zero to landfill for all of our waste streams.