Drinks Labels: Benefits of Cans Over Bottles

CS Labels | 17th February 2020

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If you’ve regularly browsed at the different drinks labels on supermarket shelves over the last decade, you have probably noticed that there has been an increasing upturn in the number of cans that are taking up space, vying for attention from eager customers.

The growth of craft brewing has helped to accelerate the growth of cans upon beer shelves – we’re not just talking about the 500ml pilsner-style cans here, but the 330ml cans (that have been classically used to contain soft drinks). So why are these types of cans seen by the leading breweries to be more beneficial than the traditional glass bottle?

Reasons why Cans are Beneficial Over Bottles

Increased surface area for your drinks labels

One of the reasons why micro brewers love to use cans to store and dispense their ales is the endless branding possibilities they provide. An aluminium can will have a larger surface area on which to display artwork and any additional information – this allows brewers to create a product that is able to stand out for its uniqueness.

Aside from providing attractive drinks labels that create a connection between the product and customer, the benefits that cans can offer the product itself (benefiting both customer and brewer), include:

Cans will keep your drink fresher, for longer

Due to beer cars limiting exposure to light and oxygen, they are able to keep the beer inside fresh and flavourful for longer.

When beer is exposed to UV light for a long period, oxidisation takes places, creating unpleasant flavours in the beer.

Whilst some glass bottles (the brown and amber varieties) can block out light, some (light, green and clear) are much less effective.

Cans are more lightweight than beer bottles

Bottles are much heavier than cans and therefore, are less portable; not forgetting they're more expensive to produce.

An empty bottle weighs significantly more than what a filled can does - So imagine carrying a box of full bottles for an extended period of time. Not only are they heavier, but being made of glass they’re also more fragile too!

Cans are more friendly for the environment

There are several reasons why cans are much better for the environment than bottles – being lighter and more compact. It takes less fuel to ship them from warehouse to supermarket, or shop door.

Another reason is that there are far more facilities that concentrate on the recycling of aluminium than glass – so it’s far more likely that beer cans will end up repurposed for something else after use.

The flavour of the drink is not affected

Despite having the same drinks labels, even the same brand of beer can taste slightly different depending on the container it’s been supped out of.

This has a lot to do with the freshness; as cans are able to keep the beer protected from outside elements for longer, it retains the taste as its poured out.

Wrapping up

Run your microbrewery? Interested in creating vibrant, unique beer labels for your cans (or even bottles)? Then why not consider getting in touch with the expert commercial printers here at CS Labels to help you realise your ideal product?

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