The Importance of Industrial Labels

CS Labels | 8th October 2020

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In any sector, industrial labels can be the difference between safety and hazard, efficiency and mistakes and sometimes even between life and death. Particularly in industries like the aerospace, defence and the construction industry, the essential nature of industrial labels cannot be understated. In this article you will find out why industrial labels are vital resources which require careful design and reliable use - and how best to help them make your business as efficient as possible!

Industrial Labels Provide Safety

If you work in any physical job, whether it is an office job, a construction site, a warehouse, a school, a factory, a restaurant or a lab - you will likely see and take instruction from industrial labels every single day. For example, industrial labels tell us whether or not it is safe to use the elevator. Another example could be which barrels contain hazardous chemicals.

Safety in the workplace ranges between industries, but in every sector, there is a need to prioritise the safety and security of employees and visitors. Without proper use of industrial labels, the instructions for this can be unclear, which can be potentially dangerous.

Industrial Labels Provide Efficiency

Every business wants to run efficiently, but how can industrial labels help with this? Well, firstly, there is the simple fact that signposting and labelling items and processes in the workplace will stimulate workflow and help maximise efficiency. Barcodes are a clear example of this; labelling with barcodes reduces the possibility of human error as the errors in manually entered data is much higher than that of barcodes.

Playing by The Rules

In all workplaces, health and safety regulations apply. If these are not adhered to, a company can be met with fines, reprimands and even closure. Industrial labels such as fire safety labels and customer guidelines all come under the umbrella of health and safety compliance. This is especially prudent during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced all businesses to increase their safety measures using industrial labelling to enforce their guidance.

Improving Customer Relations

If you are a customer in a business environment, it can be highly confusing when the instructions are unclear. This could be where to go for help, where to stand in the queue, where to order your food or how to follow COVID-19 distancing rules. With industrial labels, your business could improve its customer relations by never leaving a customer lost or confused, inevitably boosting your credibility and reputation as a company.

Helping to Locate Errors

If something isn’t right with one of your products, industrial barcodes make it very easy to track down the product and solve the issue efficiently. This will both increase your potential for efficient troubleshooting and also improve your relationship to any customers who are dissatisfied with their product.

The Final Print

Industrial labels are usually unnoticed by customers and clients - that is, until they aren’t there. Help your business thrive by investing in industrial labels in order to improve the efficiency, safety, customer service and problem-solving abilities of your business, as well as ensuring your compliance with industry regulations is 100% accurate! CS Labels specialises in providing high quality, durable, affordable industrial label solutions to suit all of your industrial and electrical label needs.

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