Using Label Embellishments to Add Value to Premium Products

CS Labels | 10th July 2020


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A consumer’s first impression is paramount. That’s why the labels you use on your products need to draw the customers eyes onto your product and away from your competitors. In this blog, we will look into how using high-quality labels can help to give added value to premium products. Before we can jump in, we need to make sure that we understand what a label embellishment is.

An embellishment is a supplement to the print, for example foiling, debossing, embossing, spot and raised varnishes. Embellishments are a great way to highlight your labels design and while bringing added value to your products.

The Elegance of High-End Materials

The materials used for your label is extremely important; the majority of premium products use high-end packaging materials and processes and this is no different for labels. A premium label that utilises precision foiling, textured varnishes, embossing or even a peel and re-veal with special elements can help to elevate the richness of your label; bringing added value to your product, in turn helping to justify the cost of your luxury product to the consumer.

Having all of these options to choose from can be overwhelming, especially if the product is brand new or if the design has changed. That’s where CS Signature comes into play. CS Signature is a consultative service that provides additional support on specialist products. Our team will work with you every step of the way, from problem-solving to creative solutions, in order to transform your label into something spectacular and unique. As part of the process, we will work with the artwork you provide to propose the material type as well as the finish, embellishment and the shape or size we believe will be best for you label.

High Quality; Outside as Well as Inside

Companies work extremely hard to make sure the products they produce are of the highest possible quality, but that’s only half the job. Yes, the quality of the product inside your packaging is important, but so is the actual design of the labels that go on them. There are many important factors that need to be considered when it comes to designing the right label for your product, one of these being the importance of colour.

Associating Colour to Luxury

The vast majority of consumers unconsciously use colour to help them decide what product to buy. This may sound counter-intuitive, but it’s true; in order for your product to catch the customers attention, your labels must contain colours that are attractive and eye-catching while still representing the product that is inside the package. For example, silver, gold and black offer a luxury look to anything that they are applied to.

So, if you offer a luxury product, utilising these colours can help to transform the position of your brand; taking it into the premium market. CS have hundreds of colour foils to choose from ranging from “standard” all the way up to rainbow and holographics.


Consumers use their sight and touch to decide on which product to buy. Premium products often have textures to their labelling too. Texture can come from foiling, embossing, debossing and even raised tactile varnishes us to highlight certain areas of design.

Ever picked up a luxury product and touched the packaging and ran your fingers over tiny details of the label? If you haven’t before, try it. It’s a sensory experience. It’s why texture is so important. It’s another sense to stimulate and again brings added value and promotes a consumer experience rather than just a product. It supports perception - If the manufacturer has invested so much time into it looking good, imagine how amazing the product will be!

The Final Print

At CS Labels, we are aware that a label isn’t just a label, it’s the face of your product and thanks to our forty years of experience, we’ve been able to provide our customers with the best possible solution for their label requirements.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask or if you want to find out more about CS Signature, feel free to get in touch and speak to a member of the CS Labels team to-day on 01902 365840 or send us an email on We look forward to hearing from you.


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