Your guide to Digitally Printed Label Embellishments

CS Labels | 20th January 2021


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Label embellishment is one of the best ways to make your product label stand out; through creating both a unique look and a unique feel to your labels, you can stimulate customers’ senses in more ways than one, and increase the chances of them remembering your product. It’s undeniable that there are a massive variety of embellishment types to choose from.

Here, we are going to run through a few of the most popular, explaining how they work and where they are used most effectively. One of the best ways to achieve this element of individuality, and to ensure the best embellishment type is used, is to work with a specialist in custom label printing.


When it comes to foiling, there are two different methods to choose from, hot foiling or cold foiling. If you’re looking for a high quality, intricately designed label, then hot foiling may be the way to go. The process uses a unique foil blocking die, and generally achieves a more luxurious result which gives off a high-end feel. In addition to this, there are a considerable number of coloured foils available, and even special effects such as holographic, transparent and shimmer foils, to make your digitally printed product labels stand out.

However, if you’re looking for a more cost-effective method or your design demands large foiled areas, then cold foiling may be more suited for your needs. The process has a much lower set-up cost and does not require the same specialised machinery. There aren’t quite the same range of colours and effects that can be achieved through this method compared to hot foiling, but it can still create a highly-effective product label that could be perfect for your company. Foiling is used in several different retail sectors but is most common in the wine and spirit industry or other luxury goods.


The process of embossing involves creating an eye-catching raised effect to your labels. This effect can be achieved using heat and pressure to mould the label up to the desired height and shape and foil simultaneously the specified area if desired. However, an alternative aspect of embossing is to use the ‘blind’ element of the process; this does not involve any foil blocking, and the text of the label itself is readable through its raised height or to add height to a pre-printed part of the label.

The layered appearance that this process achieves can make a label stand out alongside those of other products on the shelf. Embossing can also incorporate other effects, such as a bevel and fluted emboss and micros emboss textured finish, to elevate the result.

Spot (raised) varnish

Whilst an overall matt or gloss varnish can be used on product labels, the controlled varnishing of a particular area or aspect of a label can help to draw customer’s eyes where you want them to go. It can add a new dimension to the appearance of the label whilst subtly highlighting the key element of it. Whilst prevalent within the food and drink industry, spot varnishing is also widely used in book publishing to make book titles or authors stand out amongst the other text on the cover. Why not replicate this style on your labels!

If you are looking for a spot varnish with a bit more height, then one option is to use a screen print varnish. This can also be used to add tactile warning triangles and braille to your label.

These are just a few of the different types of embellishments that can be used on digitally printed produced labels. As you can see, the various processes can be used in isolation, or simultaneously to complement one another and create a unique effect. Through investing in custom digitally printed labels, you can make the most of the plethora of embellishment types to achieve the label that works best for both your individual product and the retail sector that you work in.

The Final Print

A label isn’t just a label, it’s the face of your product. At CS Labels, thanks to our over forty-year experience, we can provide our customers with the best possible solutions, to meet their label requirements.

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