Black Iris Brewery

Hailing from the historic city of Nottingham, Black Iris are anything but traditional.

Their bold range of superb modern beers have quickly put them on the map as one of the area's best breweries. From big hitting stouts and IPAs through to delicately balances Saison's and wheat beers, their range of eye catching cans stand out amongst some of the best in the business.  Black Iris have followed Martin (Our new Business Development Manager ) to CS and we have (to date) complete several label projects for them.

The #NottsPride2019 project

In early July Black Iris submitted the artwork for the #NottsPride2019 project.  The team worked closely with the brewery to acheive the desired results.  The process of manufacturing and shipping labels to this brewery isn’t as straight forward.  The team worked with thier contract filler/packer to align our delivery with their schedule and we kept on track for production.  This NottsPride2019 beer will be thoroughly enjoyed this Saturday!

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Black Irish Brewery Case Study