Tourism Australia

New Window Decals Designed For Tourism Australia

Tourism Australia have developed a programme called ‘Aussie Specialists’ that promotes their country as a premier destination, as well as adding credibility to travel agents who have an unrivalled passion and knowledge for Australia.

Some of the world’s best travel agents around the world sign up to the programme and they are trained to know more about the destination to compliment their own personal dedication and commitment to promoting Australia as a great place to visit.

The organisation developed a special sales pack, and within this they decided to opt for CS Labels window decals as a striking way of letting customers know that the agent has been properly trained and accredited. The window stickers notify consumers that the agent has been qualified as a specialist.

The decals come in two types, premier and regular, there being a slight variation between the two. Tourism Australia chose CS Labels to produce their window decals as we are specialists in the field, there are no plates, meaning the client could be assured that their job would be printed cost effectively and quickly.

So if you have a brand, concept or even short term, short run promotion that you really want to stand out amongst the crowd, then why not opt for this to drive sales in a truly effective way.

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