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Car Care Labels

Car Care Labels

Car care, detailing, restoration and repair is both routine and can be a hobby or labour of love.  Products range from basic car cleaning products to specialist waxes, paints and accessories such as leather chamois and air fresheners.  At CS, we manufacture labels for the entire spectrum of car care products including some very well known brands in the market

Eye Catching Car Care Labels

The options available for consumers to buy are endless and competition for prime shelf position is tough.  This makes product presentation a top priority, and we can help make it easier!  Our high-definition print brings imagery to life.  Car care products come in bottles, tubs, packets, pouches, sprays, tubes, and the list goes on.  It’s important that the required information is all present on the label too.  .

What if I want metallic colours on my label?

Foiling is available for premium product labels (link to CSS).  We also have a great alternative which is a great cost effective alternative.  CS uses Color-Logic technology to deliver over 260 metallic shades giving a sense of authenticity in a more cost-effective way.

Is there a cost efficient to print my product range labels?

At CS we manufacture all our labels digitally. This means that we can combine multiple sorts into a single run. It’s cost effective, quick and has consistent quality.

Can I use photos of cars on my labels?

Of course!  We print everything at 1200 dpi quality making sure that every image looks like it’s just had a valet!

Are car care labels durable in wet environments?

We have various finishes available for labels to ensure that they’re durable enough to withstand their environments.

What information is needed on car care product labels?

Labels on car care products need to include the following information:

  • Chemical composition
  • Instructions
  • Company information
  • Any chemical warnings