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Point of sale labels, tags and shelf strips

Point of sale labels, tags and shelf strips

When anything is purchased by a consumer in a retail environment, POS (point of sale), information on the product is usually included, e.g. Pricing labels, promotional labels, (as well as tags and shelf strips). At CS. we work with high-street and online retailers to manufacture POS supplies.

Product Features:

Point of Sale Labels

Point of sale labels come in so many shapes, sizes and colours and can be manufactured using various materials, finishes and adhesives.

CS also manufacture tags and shelf strips as well as window decals. Want to know more? Get in touch with one of the team today.

But is it cost-effective to use digital processes for high volumes?

Yes of course….. The beauty of how CS manufacture is that usually with POS labels, even though there are multiple sorts (different prices, different promotions, stock references, return labels etc), our customers only need to order what they need and it’s organised to make it as simple as possible.  This saves on time, energy cost and reduces waste.