How Labelling Can Help You Sell Sports Nutrition Products

CS Labels | 28th Feb 2022

Sell Sports Nutrition Products In Store with Bright Labelling

As a business in the sports nutrition industry, you need to sell sports nutrition products; however are you aware of the importance of labelling?

Providing the consumer with informative yet engaging content is certainly going to be crucial so that you can drum up business. Each year, the sports nutrition industry is steadily growing which means that more and more consumers are looking for protein-based products to either supplement their diet or use as fuel in their fitness regime.

Understanding what you need to do as a brand to be able to provide effective sports nutrition will be essential if you want your product to be a success.

Does your product fit into the correct market to sell sports nutrition products?

Sports Supplements are often in the form of tablets, powders or liquids and can be taken to provide more energy and boost your protein intake. Regardless of which category your sports nutrition brand falls into, it is important to consider your label design and ensure that your digital labels are easy to read and understand.

How to make your Sports Nutrition Product stand out

The average consumer can take as little as 7 seconds to decide whether they are going to purchase a product or not. So to even stand a chance, your sports nutrition product needs to be eye-catching and vibrant on the shelf, to beat all the other competitors.

The best way to do this is to use a professional labelling company to help you capture your consumer’s attention with clear and concise information. This will enable the user to determine what type of sports nutrition product they really do require.

Use of colour with your brand labelling

When researchers have looked into how consumers tend to make purchases, something they have noticed is how people can associate a particular colour with emotion.

So you will want to really think about which type of colours to use on your packaging. If you want to capture their attention then perhaps bright bold colours, such as reds, yellows and oranges will be ideal.

Enhance the senses of the consumer with touch

Consumers use their sight and touch to decide on which product to buy. Premium products often have textures to their labelling too. Texture can come from foiling, embossing, debossing and even raised tactile varnishes us to highlight certain areas of design.

Ever picked up a luxury product and touched the packaging and ran your fingers over tiny details of the label? If you haven’t before, try it. It’s a sensory experience. It’s why texture is so important. It’s another sense to stimulate and again brings added value and promotes a consumer experience rather than just a product. It supports perception - If the manufacturer has invested so much time into it looking good, imaging how amazing the product will be!

Important information on your label packaging

When it comes to selling your sports nutrition product, the label needs to provide the consumer with the necessary information that they need to know about the product. Consumers are drawn towards products that provide informative content; As much as 85% of shoppers are likely to be influenced into purchasing a product when shopping, simply by reading the content on the product’s label.

You may want to consider Double-Sided Labels or Peel & Reveal Labels to be able to include any additional or important text without having to compromise on the overall aesthetic of your product. If your product is filled up completely with text, it will be more difficult to digest the necessary information.

To really boost the sales of your sports nutrition product and ensure that you adhere to the food labelling standards, speak with a professional labelling service today.

How can we help you sell sports nutrition products?

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