The Fifth Trust

The Fifth Trust is charity supporting adults with learning disabilities in and around the Elham Valley, Canterbury UK. They focus on building life-skills, confidence and independent living as well as running various hobby-related activities. Their vineyard is just one of their social enterprises creating work experiences for their service users producing a selection of pottery, artwork and edibles and of course grapes for their range of wines.


Finding The Right Supplier

The charity did some investigating on the internet and came across CS Labels. They needed a supplier who could deliver quality whilst also being cost-conscious.

The Project

Material considerations are always important. There are some basic things to ask when deciding what to use including:

  • What is the label being stuck to?
  • Will the labelled product be stored in a particular way?
  • Does the label need any specific adhesive? For example, removeable, extra-tack etc?
  • Does the label need to be waterproof?
  • What embellishments are being applied to the label?
  • What material is suitable for using Color-Logic?
  • Is material testing required?
  • Can I source label samples?

“CS worked with our in-house designer and offered some really helpful advice”.

Jane Ward - The Fifth Trust

How The Labels Have Progressed

Initially the labels were simple black text on a white background, however this evolved. The most recent completed for the charity utilised Color-Logic to deliver silvers and golds on the label. Colour-Logic is the perfect solution if metallics are required for the design, but the budget doesn’t stretch for premium hot or cold foiling. The digital printing technology delivers a huge range of metallic colours at a fraction of the cost. Read more about Color-Logic HERE.

As the projects with The Fifth Trust developed, the material was constant, (Silver substrate utilising a white layer), however the designs did evolve from standard black and white to metallics.

Why Use CS For Wine Labels?

“We used CS to supply 10 different label designs for wines across three growing seasons. The sparkling rosé is a particular favourite of ours. The pricing was good as well as the support we received. Our customers described the labels as ‘classy’ which we were really happy with!”

Jane Ward - The Fifth Trust

CS Labels manufacture labels for all sorts of products from food and drink labels, to pharmaceutical, chemical, animal, and beyond. We are specialists in delivering wine, beer, cider and spirit brands with solutions, be it a new product, enterprise, company or one-offs. Speak to our Sales team about your next project, budget and what you’re trying to achieve and we will work with you to transform your ideas into eye-catching labels that give added value.

Whether your wine is in a big or small glass bottle, a can or even a box, our labels can be tailor made to suit your product and its packaging. With our award-winning teams and technology, you can put your brand in our expert hands.

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“At the start of the project, I asked lots of questions to understand what was needed and learnt that they looking for a label that incorporated something fancy, but wanted to keep costs low as every extra penny goes straight back to the Charity. I knew we had the perfect solution in which would deliver a premium style without breaking the bank.”

Craig Williams - CS Labels

"Working with the Charity has always has been really lovely and easy. We love being able to support each other to achieve what is required."

Craig Williams - CS Labels

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