Labels are used in all sorts of industrial environments and need to be durable and hard-wearing to sustain various conditions.

Labels are also great (and more sustainable) alternatives to traditional plated signs.

CS Labels specialises in providing you with a high quality, affordable solutions for all of your Industrial and Electrical label needs.

Industrial Labels FAQ

Can labels withstand different industrial environments?

Yes!  Just speak to one of our team, explain what you need and we’ll advise on the best solution.

What are industrial labels?

Industrial labels are usually informative and are used in manufacturing environments to communicate.  E.g. Warning signs, machinery labels, wheelie bins, products labels for supplies and stores such as sacks of aggregates or timber, sheets of metal, tooling, tapes, paint kettles and brushes.

Labels can also be used to track information and be over written, an example of this is equipment maintenance records, or even serialised asset labels – See our options for these.