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Also known as security labels, asset labels from CS can help you securely mark, index, track and identify your assets with asset labels. Also used for anti-tamper, they’re also a great way to deter theft.

Typically asset labels are used in large establishments such as schools, universities, hospitals, factories, and any environment where there is high value technology, equipment, and furniture. Sometimes they have serial numbers, barcodes, company logos and even addresses or contact information. Asset labels manufactured by CS Labels are high quality, cost-effective and can be customised according to your requirements.

What Information Does an Asset Label Have?

Most asset labels have a company name or department with a reference code. The code is usually generated and supplied as variable data prior to the printing process. As CS Labels is a digital manufacturer, variable data printing is easy for us to do - for more information, get in touch!

It’s also always a good idea to consider the construction of your asset label as you need for it to not come away from what it’s stuck to. The information on the asset labels also needs to be clearly visible, regardless of the environment in which it is stored or used.
Technical considerations for asset labels

  • What material should I use? - There are different materials to choose from. It makes sense to use white Polypropylene for an asset label but speak to our sales team who can advise on your options depending on what it’s being stuck to and how it’s being used.
  • What finish is required? - laminates and varnishes are used on almost every high-quality asset label. This protects the print underneath from being marked or rubbed off. Laminates also give extra protection so that may be an option to consider.
  • What adhesive is right? You need to understand the extremities of the environments in which the label will sit. Specialist adhesives for particularly hot, cold or wet environments are available
  • Can different styles, colours, shapes and designs be used? Of course, it just depends on what you want. At CS, we can print in the shape, colour and style of your choice.

Be mindful of label suppliers offering basic and cheap labels - durability is key

    Asset Labels FAQs

    Serialisation, variable data, codes, barcodes, logos, general text, in fact, using digital print, you can put anything you like onto an asset label.

    There are many different materials and adhesives available and we provide a versatile solution for all of your asset label requirements. Materials used to print asset and self-adhesive labels include:


    Labels made from this substrate stick easily to many different surfaces. The material makes the labels durable, tear-proof and moisture resistant.


    A durable and pliable material, making it ideal for asset labels. It shows greater resistance to wear and tear compared to paper labels. These labels also effortlessly stick to curved surfaces.

    Our talented team can also produce BS5609 standard material asset labels that can withstand extremely harsh conditions. Our BS5609 rated material has an RP77 adhesive, which means that our range of BS5609 labels are is very difficult to remove and are able to withstand extreme conditions. In order to get the rating, the labels are tested by being immersed in the sea for over 90 days.

    If you need digitally printed labels that can withstand the test of time, staying strong against tearing and moisture; we have a wide range of self-adhesive label solutions to offer to you. Perfect for your equipment identification and tracking, these labels will allow you to keep your equipment safe and indexed.

    You supply us with your start and end numbers, or a data file and we will populate the sequences for you.

    We will print what you ask us to print. Speak to our team to find out how this is done.

    Sure!!! It depends on what you need to stick the label to, the environment it’s used and what material you’re using.