Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle

Health and Nutrition Product Labels

Health and nutritional products come in every colour, packaging style and consumption method imaginable.

From liquid supplements in glass bottles covered in clear labels, to large tubs of protein powder presented with large metallic peel and reveal labels to children’s themed vitamins with bold colours and pictures, the possibilities cover both ends of the spectrum when it comes to design.

It is important that all of this information is easy read by the consumer.

The CS works closely with some of the largest Nutrition & Lifestyle brands to manufacture labels to communicate various information including languages, instructions, ingredients or details about the brand.  We have a selection of materials, finishes and embellishments available to cater for both budget and premium brands and can give added value with our label solutions.


What information is required on health, nutrition and lifestyle products?
  1. The name of the products
  2. The quality of the product (e.g. 500g, 26 tablets etc)
  3. Nutritional values
  4. Ingredients and allergens
  5. Supplier details including name and address