Chemicals are required by law to be labelled, regardless of intended use, or environments in which they are stored.

Chemical manufacturers often work to the BS5609 labelling standard as some can be harmful. The objective of its label is to communicate and reduce risk to safety.

CS is a leading manufacturer of chemical labels e.g. domestic or industrial cleaning products and industrial chemicals used in manufacturing.  These market sectors have a demand for possibly the most challenging, comprehensive and regulated labels.

But chemical labels don’t all have to be plain or clinical.  They can be informative and aesthetic!  We can create labels that have bold colours and images to make the label attractive, and even include raised tactile triangles if needed.

Why are labels for chemical products so challenging? 

The industry is highly regulated and often legislation is changed.  This means that product labelling needs to be updated to remain legally compliant.  Also, the volume of information required is vast compared to other products.

How can so much information or languages fit onto a single label? Peel and reveal labels are perfect for chemical labels.  We can manufacture wraparound labels or 2,3,4 or even 5 page labels which can communicate huge amounts of information or instructions in multiple languages.

What information is required on a chemical label?

  • Product identifier – such as the chemical name
  • Signal word – such as “DANGER” or “WARNING”
  • Precautionary statement – instruction to minimise risk during use
  • Supplier information – name and information
  • Pictograms – hazard symbol


What type of labels are best suited to chemicals or labels?  The first thing to consider is application.  Are labels required for boxes, plastic bottles, glass bottles or tubs?  Are there milt-lingual requirements? What style would suit?  Perhaps a peel & reveal or a wrap around?

Speak to one of our team today on 01902 365840 or email us your artwork at and we’ll advise on the most suitable label style.

All the chemical labels we supply adhere to the British Standard BS 5609 giving, you, the customer confidence in our products. Used for warning, instruction or identification of chemicals, our BS 5609 certified labels meet strict durability and adhesive performance guidelines, and our labels can be waterproof and weatherproof if required.