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Peel & Reveal Labels

What happens when you need to print a large amount of information, instructions or different language translations on to a label where space is limited. The answer is to use a peel and reveal label!  We are proud to be a market leader digitally printed peel and reveal labels of up to three-ply and contain five printed sides.

    Peel & Reveal Labels FAQ's

    A peel and reveal label is different to a single-ply label where the top layer can be peeled back to access additional areas of the label. Peel and reveal labels can be multi-layered giving freedom to product suppliers to include more than just the basic information. This can include more detailed product specifications, guidelines or instructions, pictures or even promotional information. And you’re not restricted with colour! As all of our presses at CS are digital, all sides of peel and reveal labels can be created in full colour.

    Also known as peel and read labels, or wraparound labels, cs also manufactures barn-door labels too! See gallery.

    Used in product marketing, a clever and attractive peel and reveal label can help enhance your brand and increase sales.

    • Chemical labelling where a variety of languages can be accommodated on one label• Packaging promotions
    • Money off coupons or vouchers
    • Competitions that can also incorporate variable data – unique numbers or codes on each label – for example peel back to reveal if you are a winner

    Adhesives – peel and reveal labels are different in that they have more layers than regular labels. Therefore if your product has very curved surfaces or is small (for example a nail varnish bottle), then you may need a suitable adhesive so that the label stays in place throughout the life of the product.

    Materials – as peel and reveal labels are more complex, it may mean that a specific material would be the best option to ensure your product packaging looks the part.

    Artwork – because these labels have 'layers' you want to ensure that your artwork is adjusted so that the design doesn't show through and spoil the look of the glossy top layer. Our team can advise on the best way of doing this, before you print your labels, and can help you by passing on our special tricks and tips to make your artwork perfect.

    Legalities – We are well versed with the upcoming legislation in chemical labelling (CLP Legislation) and the new food regulations (FIC). Getting the information right on your label now, will save you a lot of work in the future, and should the regulation change, modifying your labels is an easy process with digital print, as setup is easy and we offer much shorter runs than traditional print methods. This means you can hold minimal label stock without fear, comply with the law, avoid fines and eliminate costly wastage of label stock.