Car Care Labels

Car maintenance is important for vehicle owners. The more time and care that is put into a vehicle the less likely it is to give problems when it is needed the most. Regular servicing of a vehicle is critical. Vehicle owners cannot afford to ignore this, but many of them still do.

Not only is the servicing and maintenance important, but looking after the appearance of the vehicle will keep it clean and shiny and can prolong the vehicle’s value. There are many products available for taking care of vehicles both inside and out and it is important that you read car care labels.

Car Care Labels will tell consumers a lot of things they need to know about the product they are using on their vehicles. The information on the labels of car care products should always be clear and concise. It should give consumers as much detail as possible about what they are purchasing.

Where are car care labels found?

You would be hard-pressed to find cleaning products for cars that do not have some type of labelling. Labelling is how the manufacturer gives information about a product and how to use it. When consumers buy products such as car shampoos, waxes, polish, interior cleaners, screen washes etc, it is important that they read the label.

Consumers will want to know what they are putting on their cars before they buy a product. They may even do research on the ingredients and brand where possible.

Many car brands will give specific information on their websites to car owners about the products, such as waxes and polishes that should be used on their cars. This is a great way to get people to visit your website whilst taking note of additional instructions or information.

Choosing the correct label adhesive

The labels on your products should be informative, but if they are not attached properly, they may not be available for your consumers when they are purchasing your products. It is likely that the label will slip and fall off.

The danger is that your consumers won't have vital information about the product. Using the right label adhesive can solve this issue. There are several different types of label adhesives available suited for a multitude of environments, ranging between permanent, semi-permanent, removable, repositionable and temperature-specific.

It is critical that the correct label adhesive is put on a product. When considering the use of adhesives, the environment that a product will be used in should play a large role in the consideration of the label adhesive and materials.

Cleansing products for your cars and car detailing products are most likely to be used in environments that are wet and damp. If the labelling adhesive is not strong enough when the label comes in contact with water the label may not stay intact.

It is also important that labels do not smudge while they are in use. To prevent smudging from happening, clearcoats are used for added protection. For car products, it is best to have a protective vinyl clear coating.

Enhancing your Car Care Labels and Car Cleaning Products

Label embellishments are something you should consider for your car care product labels.

Design is what grabs people's attention. When your product is on the shelf it can easily get lost among all the brands and cleaning products.

For example, a car shampoo label can have special areas of a design such as sparkles and shimmers. This can be used to grab the customer's attention.

There are various types of embellishments available that you can use to add unique details to your product.

You can use unique colour combinations for your product as well, to ensure that it stands out. Try using patterns as well to distinguish your product from the competition.

The Importance of Label Compliance in Car Care

With all the embellishment options that you are able to add to your labels, you may assume that you can blindly put anything on your label. However, this is not the case. There are rules and regulations that govern the use of labelling, and it is important that you stay within certain parameters to avoid getting into trouble with the law.

It is important that products that can pose a danger be labelled as such and the correct symbols used. Hazardous material must be classified and clearly identified on labels.

You will need to affix a label identifying the product as hazardous and give details about what it contains. In the case of hazardous substances, the phone number, name, as well as address of the supplier, should be clearly visible.

When a substance is hazardous the packaging should clearly say so. For example, you may have seen, “Keep out of the reach of children” on some labels. Failure to label products this way can lead to lawsuits. This is is why it is important to use recognisable symbols as outlined by the CLP to warn your customers of dangers.

Products such as waxes and polishes should be properly labelled because they can become toxic if ingested.

Digitally Printed Labels Manufactured to Size

CS Labels is committed to excellence and as such, we try to help you to create a product that will be a cut above the rest with our car care label printing services. Now more than ever your digitally printed labels need to stand out from your competitors. One easy way to do this is to have eye-catching labels.

Whether you want a custom-shaped bottle or special packaging we have you covered. Your unique product label can be given to you on rolls that are ready for production. We can also do wrap-around labels in this format too.

Give your detailing brand the attention it deserves

Getting your product the attention it deserves is not always easy but if you choose the right labelling and packaging your product can stand out.

CS labels are equipped to provide all your labelling needs for any product you have. We will work with you to create a unique label design for your product that is CLP-compliant and attractive enough to get your brand seen at the same time.

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