Is your e-liquid label legit?

CS Labels expose the fakes Is your e-liquid label legit?

Is your E-Liquid Label Legit? Ways to combat illegal counterfeiting of your e-liquid brand Are you getting poor reviews because your customers are buying fake products? Need a way to tell your vapers that your products are the GENUINE article? CS Labels offers a number of security features which can be easily added to your…

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Packaging – The Importance of Branding Consistency

CS Labels Digital Labels and Packaging

The Importance Of Brand Consistency In Packaging Once upon a time, packaging was seen as simply a means to protect products; keeping them in one place so the process of removing them from shelves (and from place-to-place) was easy. However, as time has gone by, we have learned that packaging can be  a huge marketing…

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How to Make Sure Your Food Labels Stay FSA Approved

food labels

How to Make Sure Your Food Labels Stay FSA Approved As most people (especially food producers) know, any food produced for sale in the UK must be labelled according to standards set out by the government, but not everyone knows the various reasons why food labels are so important. Any product label helps consumers make…

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