Beauty and Cosmetic Labels

When we think of beauty and cosmetic products we often think of clean, classy and clinical.

These beauty and cosmetic labels often include images and various font types and sizes.  The way in which these products are presented are usually a reflection of the brand name, price point and also target customer.

Why Is Understanding What Beauty and Cosmetic Labels Label You Need So Important?

Beauty and cosmetic products come in different shapes, sizes, materials and in so many different environments, e.g. a tube of cream which might be carried in a handbag, a pot of powder in a makeup case, bottle of hair dye in the bathroom cabinet, packet of bath salts by the bathrub, tub of body scrub kept in the shower.  So, deciding on label type has many things to consider from the design, shape and adhesive type to make sure it’s durable.

What labels styles are best suites to beauty and cosmetic products?

It depends on your brand, budget and packaging type.  All types of labels suit, single ply, peel and reveal and no-look clear labels are also very popular.  Want something truly exceptional?  Why not look at embellishments like foiling or raised varnishes?  Our CS Signature range can support your product’s premium price-point if the packaging attracts the right customer type. 

Can imagery be used on product labels?

CS can deliver what you need, and using real-life imagery is no problem, as we print everything in high-definition making models look exactly how you need them to.  If you’re not sure of what you need or what would be best, speak to one of our team who will guide you though the process.