Spirit Labels

Distilleries create a plethora of spirits including gin, whiskey, vodka, rum.

Each have their own processes and origins depending on brand.  The drinks market is one of the largest industries and the competition to become a recognised brand is tough.  Creating an eye-catching label has lots of factors for consideration including the design, materials, and finishes.  CS Labels is a multi-award winning manufacturer of spirit labels.

How to Utilise Spirit Labels?

There are many ways in which you can utilise your spirit label to bring added value to the product through the use of different materials or embellishments.  These can be used to enhance your product brand making the consumer feel confident about their purchase.  High-quality materials, foiling, embossing and speciality varnishes can transfer the look and feel of your spirit bottle and transform your product into a premium brand.

Spirit packaging is usually (but not limited to) glass bottles which are often beautifully crafted into sometimes unique shapes and sizes, but their labels are still required by law to include key pieces of information.

What information is required by law on spirits such as gin, whiskey, vodka, rum?
  • Country of origin
  • Quantity of product (e.g. 750ml)
  • Alcoholic strength by volume (if over 1.2%)
  • Supplier company information
  • Allergy information
  • Use by date
What options are available for a spirit label?

Want some guidance on taking your spirit label to another level?  Speak to one of our team today.

Can multiple labels be manufactured at the same time?

Yes of course.  In a single run we can manufacture bottle labels for the front, back, neck and even promotional information all at the same time in the same run saving time and cost.