Food and Drink Labels

There’s more to food labelling than just an eye-catching design.

Laws ensure that consumers receive all the necessary information about the food they consume including ingredients and nutritional values.

Whether you need food labels to properly present you in large retail establishment, or want a better presentation for your small organic food shop, we will brighten up your products and offer digital printing solutions that suit your particular needs.

But are toners safe to use on food labels?

Our Xeikon dry toner conforms to FDA and EU regulations for food label safety, so we are food friendly!

Looking for labels for a premium food & drink product?

Why not experience our CS Signature service.  We can transform your artwork into a premium label to match the product, give added value and utilise embellishments such as foiling, embossing, specialist varnishes, etc with the guided support of an expert managing your label project from cradle to grave.

Is digital printing a cost-effective manufacturing method?

Digitally manufactured labels are among the most value-added solutions out there for many reasons including:

  • The ability to print a variety of different labels at the same time without the cost of plates and films which are needed for other format printing. This helps to keep the printing costs down significantly.
  • The ability to incorporate variable data – imagine being able to print 10 different sandwich label designs in one go. All with their own colours, images and ingredients.  This also contributes to a saving in time too.


Are digital labels food-safe?

Our toner also conforms to FDA and EU regulations for food label safety, so we are food friendly!

What types of food label are there?

There are many types of food label.  From the standard 1-ply, to peel and reveal, wrap-around, barn-door style labels, with a full spectrum of colours and metallics. There are lots of adhesive types to choose from, so if the label is needed for a packet, bottle, tub, or box, there is a solution.