The Christmas Boom In Craft Brewing

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With Christmas soon on the way, many people will be searching long and hard to find that perfect present. Offering a truly unique gift for beer lovers, what with its unique taste and labelling, is craft beer. It’s all down to the beer’s uniqueness that the market of Christmas-themed craft beer is growing larger by each passing year, with many microbreweries now offering bespoke gift packs for anyone searching for that perfect present.

If you’re a microbrewery looking for a run of quality beer bottle labels, or an individual who is just starting out on their own brewing journey, at CS Labels we are able to help you to turn your beer into an attractive, distinctive brand. With many years of experience undertaking award-winning printing for all manner of businesses and individuals, we can guarantee that we will be able to deliver a product that combines the attractiveness that will catch attention, along with the opportunity of being able to present the information that you wish to convey.

The boom in craft brewing

Since its inception in the 1970’s, it’s only in the last 15 years or so that the art of ‘craft brewing’ has truly boomed. Many people have put this down to the want for better beer – many drinkers feel that many of the bigger beer brands turn out low-quality products in relation to their mark-up prices. With the focus on producing real ale, micro breweries can offer customers more variety in terms of the type of beer and the flavour – at a much-fairer price.

Much of the praise for this boom can be placed at the door of real ale purveyors CAMRA (Campaign For Real Ale) who have tirelessly promoted the art of traditional brewing techniques and have constantly lobbied against the closure of the country’s traditional pubs and breweries. Many people who work in the microbrewery industry have played some part in the organisation and their on-going success has seen many of them even go on to open up their own bars to sell their brews. Many craft brewers, such as Scotland-based Brewdog, have grown so much that their beers are now sold in supermarkets across the UK.

The British brewing sector is now at its healthiest state since the 1940’s – so why does craft brewing keep on booming? Let’s look at a few reasons why people will be enjoying their craft beer this Christmas:

1. Craft beer simply tastes better! As many brewers will know, craft beer tastes better simply because more time is spent focused on maintaining the quality and makeup of the beer, rather than concentrating solely on producing ‘x amounts of units every minute’. The result is always a beer that tastes much richer and the flavours are more potent, giving the drinker a much-better experience.

2. Health benefits. Believe it or not – craft ale is actually healthier for you than ordinary mass-produced ale! With the amount of flavouring added, the beer retains the nutrients of its ingredients better and even contains soluble fibres and vitamin B.

3. More choice. Being custom-made, each craft beer made is unique. If you consider that there are probably thousands of craft breweries in the UK, all producing their own beer, the range of choice is somewhat staggering to think about!

4. Better balance between cost and quality. With many of us enjoying a drink or two over Christmas, the cost of a drinking session could spiral during the season. Generally, craft beers will cost less than their non-craft counterparts – those craft beers that you do pay more for will be of a much-higher quality (and considering it’s Christmas, you ought to treat yourself to the best anyway!)

5. Sociality. Craft beer is a great subject to be social around – their individuality and unique taste allows for people to try as many different ales as possible. So with friends and family, people tend to ‘share’ their drinks, all wanting to taste something that is truly special. With Christmas being the most social time of year – what better excuse to get your family and friends round than with a large selection of unique beer to try?

6. Different beers for different seasons! The ultimate advantage that craft beer has is that its versatility trumps that of non-craft beer when it comes to the changing seasons, or any special occasions. Whilst the biggest brands will be trying to sell the same-tasting beer all-year long, craft breweries are able to offer different types of beer based on whatever time or special season we find ourselves in. Perfect if you’re looking for that special gift at Christmas!

Benefits of well-designed beer bottle labels

Aside from the benefits listed above, another reason why the sales of craft beer have boomed is because they all offer attractive, unique labels. Beer bottle labels for craft beers are able to stand out amongst the tired same-old labels produced by the biggest brands, as they work to attract new customers. Microbreweries won’t have the marketing budget of a big brand, so the need to make their products attractive and easily-noticeable is the only way in which they can market themselves. The bottom line is that no matter how incredible the beer may be, if it’s unable to attract people with the design of its label and packaging, it will continue to go unnoticed.

CS Labels – the best in beer label design

At CS Labels, we can provide a complete range of self-adhesive labels, stickers and beer bottle labels to ensure that you can raise awareness for your brand. Our staff are able to draw on their vast experience and knowledge of beer label design to help you to produce a label that is able to distinguish your product from those of your competitors. Being a forward-thinking company, we have invested in our business in recent years and can now boast an ownership of three of the fastest models of digital printing presses in the world, giving us the scope to print as many labels per run as we need to.

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