Case Study - Scent Republik

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Case Study

Scent Republik – Labels & Pouches


About Scent Republik

Scent Republik was launched in early 2018 and is now an already established SME supplying fragrance products to the market in the shape of Scent Stiks. Their products (MiXuP range) have been critically acclaimed in the beauty and fashion press.  The ranges are available both online and from high street retailers.


The initial enquiry

Scent Republik had a requirement for a flexible pouch for a new fragrance pen range, (CITIES), which was in development stages. They reached out to CS and asked if their requirements could be fulfilled.


“Like you find anything nowadays, we found CS on Google”

Alex Theodorou – Co-Founder – Scent Republik


The transition of the project

The CITIES range was to incorporate 3 different pouch designs. CS supported Scent Republik with consultative advice on how to get the absolute best packaging pairing for their fragrance pens.  


Over the course of the project, focus expanded into a pouch and matching digital label set, (to be used on the fragrance pens).  CS was asked if this could be executed with the same support and enthusiasm as they’d experienced with the pouches and of course CS was only too happy to help. 


There are very few digital manufacturers who offer both labels and flexible pouches to the market.  CS is an established award-winner for both products. 


When supporting Scent Republik through their design processes for both their digital flexible pouches and labels, recommendations were discussed and agreed on for the construction, material selection and finish to best suit the design. 


“We initially approached CS for the pouch, and it made sense for us to use CS for the labels too.”

Alex Theodorou – Co-Founder – Scent Republik


“It was a great opportunity for us to support Scent Republik as their new product project grew momentum.  We’re experienced in supplying digital label and flexible pouch sets and were only too happy to lend our expertise in supporting their new products’ packaging.  It’s what we do!”

Andrew Mansfield – CS Pouches



CS Labels project with Scent Republik’s Digital Label and Pouch set has been shortlisted for the two Packaging Industry Awards

FlexoTech – Digital Labels & Packaging

Print Week - FMCG Packaging Printer of the Year


Why would you recommend CS Labels?

“The quality and service. Being shortlisted for packaging awards is very exciting too!”

Alex Theodorou – Co-Founder – Scent Republik


For more information on the Scent Republik CITIES Fragrance Pen range, visit their website at or Instagram at


The Scent Republik pouch range is a 3-sided seal, constructed PET/PE material with a matt finish.  The matching fragrance pen labels are printed on metallic silver BP, both processed through digital presses.


If you’d like to know more about CS Labels or Pouches, get in touch or follow us on Twitter.