Selling Luxury Products - With Embellishments

Posted in Case Studies / Project Highlights by CS Labels on 15:16 February 01st, 2017
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Trying to get your product noticed, whilst sat on the shelf amongst hundreds of others can prove to be a difficult task for many brands. Without a vast budget or promotional team to advertise a product, many brands place their concentration on the design of their products’ packaging, using that as an advertisement of their product instead. Offering a great way to achieve this, is by adding small embellishments to custom labels that will make them stand out to passing customers.


At CS Labels, we are a vastly experienced printing service for businesses and brands of all sizes. In recent years, we’ve seen an increased demand from high-end luxury brands who deal in the health and beauty, drinks and gifts industries, all wanting to produce digital custom labels for their products. It’s because of this demand for high quality that we believe in continuous improvement, so we are constantly investing in new technologies in order to meet the demands of modern brands.


Designing a label for a luxury brand.


If you’re a brand who deals in luxury products then the need to ensure that every single element of the product that you sell is perfect, should be of paramount importance. As the first thing that a potential customer sees, the packaging and labeling of the product must be attractive enough for the customer to look at, as it should be giving off a look of being something that is of a high-quality.


The aspects of the design that you will need to think about include:


  • The quality of the material. It goes without saying that a luxurious product will need a label that is made from high-quality material. Think about the type of finish you would like and how it will present the design elements of your brand in the manner that you would like.
  • The importance of colour. With the vast majority of consumers using colour to help them to decide to buy a product, labels must contain colours that are attractive and eye-catching to anyone who may be browsing. Colours such as gold, black and silver are considered to offer a luxury look to anything that they’re applied to. Therefore, if your product uses any of these colours in its design, you’ll be creating a positive visual impact upon a consumer.
  • The label’s design elements. Seeing as the product that you’re trying to sell is a luxury one, then the text and images that the label contains must reflect the same qualities. In regards to the amount of content on the label, it’s always best to keep it to a minimum, as less will say more if the appearance of the label is attractive enough. If you can keep the design simple, yet striking – this is where adding a final embellishment can help to push home the idea that the product is indeed a luxury one.


Adding a final touch with label embellishments.


Adding that final touch to labels could make all the difference in it being seen as a luxury, attractive product. Some embellishments that can be added to labels include:


  • Foiling sees a small amount of printing substrate applied to the design of a label, giving it a metallic premium look. Foiling is typically used by wine and spirit brands, as well as beauty products, in order to enhance the look of the label to a specific audience.
  • Embossing is the process which raises the surface of a certain part of a label, making it stand out whilst sat on a shelf. This ‘certain part’ could be the label’s striking logo or any other text, designed purely to attract the attention of whoever is browsing the product.
  • Spot varnishing is applied to a particular area or feature of a label, rather than the entire label, in order to make the textures feel Away from labels, you’ll normally find this process commonly used on book covers, where only certain parts of the cover are covered in gloss, offering a texture contrast to the surrounding matte covering.

Selling Luxury Products - With Embellishments

CS Labels’ new embellishment machine.


As outlined in a recent press release we have recently invested in a brand-new finishing machine that will allow for the introduction of luxury embellishments upon digitally-printed custom labels. The Grafisk Maskinfabrik in-line hot foiling press allows for the opportunity to provide foiling, embossing and spot vanishing to any label we print. Also newly-installed is an additional rewind unit that will increase the capacity of the process, ultimately allowing for an even faster overall production time in creating labels.


Our Managing Director, Simon Smith, on the addition of the new machine and the embellishments it is able to carry out on custom labels:


We have proven time and time again that adding value to digital labels through creativity and innovation can be the key element that has a direct effect on sales of that brand. Our existing capabilities continue to serve us well, from traditional hot foil stamping, to Color-Logic metallic special effect substrates, all the way through to using layered digital inks to offer an innovative way of embossing; we’ve always been able to think outside of the box when it comes to staying competitive at the luxury end of the market. The addition of this machine was a result of increased demand. We particularly like the way the hot foil capability is extremely accurate and that it can also work with a clear material; the end finish is simply stunning.


CS Labels – makers of high quality, luxury custom labels.


We are able to provide a complete range of custom labels to ensure that you can raise awareness for your brand exactly as you imagined. Our digital printed process has been proven to produce high quality labels and along with added embellishments on the label’s design, will ensure that your brand will be noticed on the shelf. Please browse our testimonials page for examples of the labels that we print for our happy clients.


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