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Adobe Creative Cloud

Posted in CS Labels News by James Hawkins on 10:05 October 22nd, 2013
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CS Labels updates to the latest Creative Cloud Software!

Here at CS Labels we strive to stay up to date with the very latest technology and software to offer the very best service to our customers.

Our studio is no different, further to the additions of our new preflight system and Colour proofer

we have now furthered our development with the addition of the full adobe creative cloud system.

What is Creative Cloud?

Creative cloud is Adobe's new cloud based subscription service for the full range of industry standard design programs, Including Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and over 25 more!

Instead of a one off payment for the licence, users now have a subscription which gives them access to all of the range of softwares plus fonts, support, cloud storage and hosting.

The Key Benefits

1. Fluidly updated software

One of the major benefits of a subscription based cloud service is that instead of instead of updating your software sporadically the software is updated and tweaked constantly in the background.

When a feature is done, it can be added in an update distributed online immediately instead of gathering dust for a year or two awaiting the next major release.

2. Everyone on the same page

Once the subscription model becomes the norm within the industry everyone will be working with the same edition of the software. This means that files created on one mac or P.C will be completely compatible with every other computer, This means no more worrying about how your files may be interpreted and changed by a different edition of the same software!

3. Access to the full adobe family

Adobe has a vast range of creative tools, getting to know their range of software opens lots of doors in terms of creativity and productivity and can be accessed without the need to purchase each piece of software separately.

4. Cloud Storage

Adobes creative cloud also comes with a reasonably sized cloud storage allowance of 50gb per user. This offers a great way to store files offsite should the worst happen, It also allows our team to share files between all of our adobe cloud macs and allows the workplace to be more dynamic.

5. Massive Tutorial Library

One of the other great features of the subscription service is access to an extensive library of tutorials and support in the form of forums and formal lessons. This is a great way to brush on your skills, Pick up some handy tips and improve productivity.

Here at CS Labels we are very happy and excited to have the new range of Adobe products, This continuing system of updates and support will enable us to continue to offer our customers the very best possible service from initial design, preflight through to production.