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Posted in CS Labels News by CS Labels on 12:00 March 01st, 2013
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Brand protection digital label printing


Product counterfeiting is a type of consumer fraud, In recent years, the relatively low cost of computers, software, scanners, table top printers and digital cameras has made it easier than ever for criminal groups to counterfeit products.

It is estimated that global lost revenue through counterfeiting is now close to $1.5 billion a year or about 7-8% of world trade.

More than 200,000 jobs are estimated to be lost worldwide due to counterfeiting and literally hundreds of people die or are injured as a result of faulty or counterfeit goods.

In addition losses occurring through tampering, diversion, the grey market and retail theft and brand owners have a major global problem; this can be prevented through genuine product labels


Working together to protect your brand with genuine labels

In looking to eliminate or reduce the losses to your business from the problems of counterfeiting it can be worth looking at how counterfeiters actually work to defraud manufacturers of genuine goods.

The routes which these professional criminals take to make money from counterfeit goods are quite extensive, they include

  • Reuse of genuine packs with counterfeit products.

  • Repackaging out of date or reject products in counterfeit packaging.

  • Using unauthorized look-a-like products with counterfeit packaging.

Some counterfeiters also produce counterfeit ownership documents and guarantees to pass off fake goods as genuine.

Counterfeiting gangs are well organised and inventive and many anti-counterfeiting technologies fitted as an afterthought can have little effect as the counterfeiters are able to copy the features with ease.

The best solution is for the brand owner to work together with the converter/printer right from the beginning of the packaging design to incorporate one or more counterfeit deterrence into the original design of the pack.

Anti-counterfeiting measures can be seen as a significant additional cost in the production stage, but if incorporated at the design stage before printing can be much more cost effective than other traditional anti-counterfeit technologies.


How CS Labels can protect your brand through digital labelling

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