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Colour Proofing Ensures Quality Self Adhesive Labels

Posted in CS Labels News by Admin on 09:43 October 08th, 2013
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Colour management is a challenge all digital printers face today. Colour management is the process of ensuring the colour of the printed product, such as self adhesive labels, matches the expectation of the artwork and that the colours are repeatable from run to run.

When artwork is supplied using the industry standard pantone reference system the team at CS Labels is able to quickly check during a print run that the artwork is a good colour match for the intended colour on the artwork. This means we can produce digital labels that meet your expectations for colour depth and high image quality.

Latest Colour Print Technologies For Self-Adhesive Label Print

CS Labels have also added the Xeikon Colour Control system which provides the best possible simulation of Pantones colours for digital CMYK.

However, how do you manage colours for non-reference book colours or for photographs and images? This issue becomes relevant when you use complex imagery on adhesive labels as well as other types of digital labels.

The best solution for this problem is to add a calibrated colour proofer to your workflow. This gives printers a reference point when printing and allows for issues which may be causing colour drift or colour issues to be identified quickly, resulting in excellent digital label quality.


The proofing system is calibrated to the press and for each substrate that you print upon. The team at CS Labels has even created a custom spot library for the proofing system to simulate the exact colours we produce when using pantone colours.

This allows us to check the printed self adhesive labels and other digital labels while the press is running, minimising downtime and running costs while improving consistency.

These Colour proofs may even be used as a colour proof for our customers at a much lower cost than the traditional press proof.

How Does Colour Proofing Benefit Your Digital Labels?

The steps to setting up a colour proofing system are:

1.Printing verification page - This is a full colour reference page which is printed on each substrate of your digital self adhesive or other type of label or sticker.

2.Scan verification page – The reference page is then scanned to create an ICC profile for the colour proofer that matches the exact colour range for that press.



3.Create profile and add spot colours – The profile is uploaded to the Proofer, and as an additional step the team has also printed the entire pantone library and scanned each individual colour in to create a custom spot library for the proofer which matches the exact result on the press.

4.Compare to previously printed jobs as control measure – We simple print previously run jobs on the colour proofer and compare these to stock labels to ensure the colour match of your labels is exact.

CS Labels – Dedicated Experts Of Digital Label Print

While Colour management cannot guarantee identical colour reproduction, Colour Proofing can give you an excellent idea of the expected result for a piece of your supplied artwork and can greatly improve how closely the print matches your expectations. CS Labels aims for perfection and customer satisfaction, and also offers you great value for money with products printed using the latest press and colour management systems to guarantee the best results.

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