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Create Custom Window Stickers At CS Labels!

Posted in CS Labels News by CS Labels on 12:16 October 30th, 2014
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Window Stickers Driving Demand

We live in a fast moving world. A new sales promotion or product hits the market one month only to be replaced by the next best thing the month after.

In the food industry, companies like McDonalds and KFC seem to change their window displays more often than they change their socks! Consumers like to be kept interested, stimulated and engaged, and a new variety, flavour or product line is usually the key, especially when backed by a slick advertising campaign that includes social media, in-store point of sale, and outside teasers such as window stickers.



Window stickers that are designed properly act as a real draw for consumers. The colours, quality of print and clever use of messaging can be the key factor that persuades the customer to enter the store (or not, as the case may be).

Mariam Noronha explains it very well in her article ‘Why Window Displays Should Dress to Kill’ –she talks about us being visual beings that see window displays as people magnets. Even the traditional ‘window dresser’ in retail is now complimented by slick window stickers, printed graphics, technology and even human beings (we can all remember Kate Moss appearing in the Top Shop window a few years ago).


Finding The Right Window Sticker Provider

CS Labels are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of window stickers. Our in-house presses enable you to create customised window stickers that are high quality, and suit your application needs perfectly. The stickers can be created at the exact size and shape, you require including large format.

Clients use our window stickers for a number of applications:

  • Short runs for one-off promotions or campaigns with a limited life span
  • UV lightfast material options so that your stickers have longevity and are resistant to fading from exposure to the elements
  • Quality adhesives to ensure your window stickers can be removed without marking surfaces – we can also supply stickers without adhesive (self cling window stickers) that may also be suitable
  • Options for car stickers, great for advertising or promotion
  • Large point of sale window stickers up to 500mm wide with practically unlimited length
  • Double sided stickers, to add maximum exposure and impact so your message can be seen from two view points.
  • An option to make the stickers completely opaque, so no ‘show-through’ on the design. This also means you can also include metallic colours on your window stickers

Easy personalisation – for example we worked with the ‘Scores on the Doors’ scheme who needed a double sided peel and reveal window sticker for their work in food hygiene. The label had to contain personalised data on the back. The client wanted them high quality without ‘show-through’ so they needed the stickers to be opaque. Printing these by any other method would have been incredibly expensive. CS labels solved the problem using their in-house skills and technology, and we have now printed thousands of food hygiene window stickers for up to 70 councils so far.

Create Custom Window Stickers For Your Brand With CS Labels

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