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FOGRA39L Standard

Posted in CS Labels News by Neil Churchill on 14:13 February 26th, 2016
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CS Labels are now working to FOGRA39L Standard.

The FOGRA39L Standard

FOGRA39L is a characterisation data set, developed by German graphic technology research organisation FOGRA in 2006 and registered in the ICC Characterisation Data Registry.

It represents the colours of a typical print made on gloss or matte coated paper, according to the standard printing definition in ISO 12647-2:2004.

FOGRA39L and your labels

Human eyes are the most convenient way in which we detect colour differences in routine work.

Unfortunately they are not good at measuring these differences as human eyesight can vary from person to person, the eyes can be easily fooled into interpreting incorrect colours.

This can lead to wasted time trying to colour match customers artwork compared to what is printed on the press.

Now we are working with MyPressXpert and Fourpees we have invested in the latest colour management software.

So what does this mean for your labels ?

Our new colour profiler scans your artwork for colour settings. These get replaced by our own profiles that match the characteristics of our Xeikon machines.

The profiler then will scan for any pantone colours in the artwork and if they are using the correct naming protocol. (i.e. PANTONE 368C)

As the Xeikon presses use CMYK colour toners, our system refers to the latest Pantone conversions so every colour is always accurately replicated.

Note these colours may appear different from your screen and laser printer as these devices are not calibrated to the FOGRA standard and can produce varying results.

Using this data, the colour makeup in your files is adjusted so when we print your job, we always get a perfect and true representation of the colour required.

Our six Xeikon presses are set up to run as close to the FOGRA standard as possible and are checked and calibrated every day to ensure this high standard is consistently met.

You can be assured that your labels are now being printed to the highest possible colours standards that we can achieve.