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CS Labels Professional Labelling Capacity Now 33% Faster

Posted in CS Labels News by cs labels on 09:44 September 07th, 2015
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We’ve been busy lately. More and more companies are making the switch to digital print, leaving traditional methods in the shade. That’s good news, as of course, printed labels will probably all be digital in the future!

We’ve Boosted Our Capacity For Printed Labels By A Third!

Our ethos is to look after customers, and as we grow, we are very conscientious of making sure we can cope and continue to offer excellent customer service and loyalty. In order to do that we need to be visionary, ie. Change things well in advance, so we can cope with demand.

A big decision related to this was the purchase of our Xeikon CX3 press, formerly known as the Cheetah. The press enables us to produce printed labels faster, and frees up capacity on our other presses so we can concentrate on other new innovations in the print world and cope with this increase in demand.

So now we can print 33% more labels than we could previously!

Read more about this by viewing this very fashionable interactive case study produced by Xeikon.

You can see a film, and read more about why we are one of the leading printers in Europe...

Check it out Here!

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