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CS labels showcase printed Vape Bottle labels at E-Cigarette Vape Conference

Posted in CS Labels News by Ali Wileman on 12:31 November 03rd, 2017
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The Next Generation Nicotine Delivery Conference is Europe’s Leading Event

Taking place on 14th & 15th November 2017, this event combines trends with legislation, making it an informative event for e-Cig / vape,  e-liquid/ e-juice suppliers and manufacturers, as well as tobacco companies with e-Cigarette /vape subsidiaries.  Register here.

A huge focus will be the new packaging requirements for e-liquids and information on the guidelines  to ensure compliance.

E-cigarette liquids are now covered by health laws and the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) means that manufacturers of electronic cigarette liquid must now comply with e-cig labels regulations. You can read more on our forthcoming white paper about how to create compliant and stunning e-cig / vape printed labels.

CS Labels will be helping attendees to improve their printed label knowledge – for both design and regulation compliance.

As well as attending the conference we will also be speaking. Andrew Mansfield, our Technical Sales director will be delivering a presentation on Wednesday 15th November at 10.25am – 10.40am. He will be giving a practical session on current ‘Label Challenges and Solutions for the E-Liquid Market’, addressing industry wide challenges on vape labelling and also introducing digital label solutions as a possible option for e-cig companies.

Why digital labels might be the answer for e-cig / vape manufacturers.

At CS we are experts and help e-cigarette manufacturers with technical label requirements without damaging your brand; in fact we can help you enhance your brand!


We produce an array of printed products for the E-Liquid market. From digitally printed labelling, to printed cartons and digitally produced flexible packaging. We have also the ability to apply tactile triangles in-house, along with high end embellishments which can be done on single ply and peel and reveal labels.

Why digital labels?

  •  - Digital labelling technology does not have origination / printing plates. Any artwork edits that will occur due to changing rules are quick, simple and cost effective.
  •  - Our printing capabilities can also offer multiple versions of the same product – eg. different flavours and strengths of e-juice, on the same print run. This saves time and money.
  •  - We’re one of the UK leaders in peel and reveal labels. These multi-layer labels can help you fit lots of information on to a label, as well as looking great. We offer traditional layered  peel and reveal labels (3 printed page for 10ml bottles, or up to 5 printed page for larger products), or perhaps you could utilise our innovative wrap-around style peel and reveal label option?
  •  - We’re also able to print tactile raised warning triangles using our screen technology.

Request a free sample of e-cig juice labels – contact Helen.Pearson@cslabels.co.uk with your requirements.

You can also follow the conference action on Twitter under the hashtag at #NGN17 as well as our own info @cslabels

Request a quote for e-cigarette e-juice refill labels or call us on 01902 365840 / email sales@cslabels.co.uk