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Custom Window Stickers From CS Labels

Posted in CS Labels News by CS Labels on 16:56 December 05th, 2012
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If you are running a Christmas promotion or are looking to raise awareness of your company, use window stickers as an innovative way to reach out to the masses. CS Labels specialise in producing custom made window stickers, featuring the most innovative and creative designs as specified by the customer.

Window Stickers Orders Of Any Size

During the festive season many short term promotions and advertisements are run, requiring a limited amount of labels to be printed. Using the latest Xeikon digital labels presses, we are able to easily produce short runs of window stickers and other labels. The stickers can be produced in a range of sizes whether for large window displays or small promotion stickers to be placed on car window screens. Using our advanced printing facilities you can receive window stickers with vibrant colours and sharp imagery.

Uses For Window Stickers

Aside from retail and advertising purposes, window stickers are also extremely useful for high risk work environments.For work places like factories and laboratories where there is an increased risk of danger, health and safety stickers are imperative. For doors that include window panels, they can provide a perfect location to display warnings or best practices. Being displayed directly at eye line level, you can be confident that everyone about to enter a certain room will have been made aware of the health and safety issues surrounding where they are. CS Labels can produce health and safety window stickers using the appropriate warning label colours and universally accepted symbols.

Contact CS Labels

To place an order for custom made window stickers or any other form of digital label like; peel and reveal, booklet, self adhesive, food, thermal and more, contact CS labels today.

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