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Drinks Label Design Ideas

Posted in CS Labels News by CS Labels on 16:46 April 22nd, 2014
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At CS Labels, we know the value of eye catching, well designed labels to help market your product and drinks labels are some of the most colourful and distinctive of them all.

What Are Great Drinks Labels Ideas?

When designing labels for drinks, there are number of different styles and ideas you can choose from.

•    Retro – Whether it’s a vintage bottle of wine, a finely matured whisky or a curious cola, retro themed labels can sum up the character of a drink in a good old fashioned way. At CS Labels for example, we’ve printed off labels for Bob & Eddie’s Retro Soft Drink that are designed to resemble classic American soft drinks of yesteryear. Quirky and unique, the labels offer up a flavour of what’s to be found inside once you’ve popped off the bottle top.

•    Antique - Taking the retro theme even further, why not consider some antique themed labels? This can lend an air of quality and prestige to your drink – especially wine and other alcoholic drinks. CS Labels supplies great, antique styled labels across the globe, including Charbonnel and Walker whose vintage style demonstrate the brand’s heritage (They were established in 1875 after all!)

•    Pop Culture – Why not tap into some of pop culture’s iconic characters, films or music when designing your drink’s artwork? Using pop culture in your design creates a more offbeat, unconventional style for your beverage. The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Texas offers up an amazing Princess Bride themed packaging for their “Bottle of Wits” wine.

•    Minimalist – Say more with less by using a more modern, minimalist approach. Kirin Beer offer up a crisp design for their bottles, which exhibits the beer’s robust character.

•    Floral – Floral doesn’t necessarily mean flowery. Using flowers and vines, Dearly Beloved have created a stunning, yet slightly morbid, skull theme for their wine bottles, proving you can create a unique and interesting label using seemingly traditional methods.

•    Posters – Posters have been a staple of marketing for decades. Adapt the principles of posters to your labels is very easy. For example, Luchador Winery in California has taken inspiration from old Mexican wrestling posters to create a series of eye-popping logos for their drinks.

How Can CS Labels Help You Create Great Labels?

CS Labels are one of the industry’s leaders and are specialists in printing all different kinds of labels. From Cider, to wine to whiskey and soft drinks, CS Labels have printed off thousands of high quality labels for businesses in the UK and overseas. We offer a range of labels including self-adhesive, double sided and digital labels.

For more information about how CS Labels can help you create a high quality product, please call us today on 01902 365840 or email us at sales@cslabels.co.uk.