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Posted in CS Labels News by Neil Churchill on 12:46 July 04th, 2017
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Not long ago we told you about a Kickstarter project started by one of our customers,
Simon Nash of Green Oil UK.

Simons project was to produce an eco friendly, PTFE free, cycle spray lubricant.

Petrochemicals and PTFE, produce a carcinogen when it's made.
Just read the labels of most lubricants out there and you’ll see they’re bad for your health and the environment.

Simons product, EcoSpray Lube would be made made from ingredients extracted from plants.
It would be sustainably sourced and palm oil free, without any petrochemicals or PTFE.

Unfortunately projects like this are expensive to start up but with the help of people like you and me, Kickstarter has helped make this product a reality.

CS Labels are very proud of what Simon has achieved and proud of the small part we played making the product.

Please look at take a look at the video.