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How NOT to make your brand stand out

Posted in CS Labels News by Neil Churchill on 12:42 December 14th, 2015
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How NOT to make your brand stand out!
At CS Labels we play an integral part in helping your brand stand out on the shelves or the internet.
A cheap, shoddy produced label or flexible pouch simply won’t do in today’s economic client and the successful brands consider their packaging to be a genuine extension of what’s inside.
Quite often we encounter new brands that are trying to make a splash in the marketplace and many of them ask us lots of questions about their labels or pouches – for example what kinds of materials can I print on, will this label stay adhered to my new wine brand in an ice bucket, will this label fall off my beer bottle? Etc. But before they come to us, they generally have a product or brand name.
The BBC wrote a great article the other week about global brand names – how a brand name in one country can work incredibly well, but be a complete laughing stock in another.  Readers were so taken by the article they contributed some of their own brand names, this list went down fairly well in our office in terms of laughs we can tell you:

Zit ice cream, Spunk clothing, Pschitt lemonade, Plopp chocolate, Arcelik electricals,
 the list goes on...
Rule 101 for branding surely must be then: If you vision your product as a global success, make sure you do some research that looks into cultural differences and the meanings of words.
If you want help with your labels or flexible stand up pouches, that takes into account your branding needs, then talk to us.

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