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Introducing our new materials and adhesives

Posted in CS Labels News by James Hawkins on 16:32 October 25th, 2013
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Expanding our range of adhesives and materials


HERMApharm paper and adhesive are designed to be both supple and safe for use, Supple enough to use on flexible surfaces and small diameter products. Safe due to its very high adhesive strength and ISEGA approval for direct contact with blood bags and for direct contact with foodstuffs involving dry, moist or fatty surfaces.

The slightly glossy surface of HERMApharm provides excellent print quality when used on our Xeikon Digital Presses, It also has a high whiteness which improves barcode readability on your digital labels.

Designed with the pharmaceutical market in mind this material and adhesive are designed to securely adhere to even very small diameter products (<20mm) such as ampules or syringes,

HERMApharm could be the solution to your small radius container needs or for use in food and health labels which require a high degree of non-toxicity.

Key Benefits

  • ISEGA approved for direct contact with foodstuffs and blood-bags

  • ideal for small diameter recipients

  • contains no APES's

  • Excellent print results

  • Optimum whiteness for barcode readability

HERMAperfectCut Adhesive

Designed for use on a range of rubber compounds this new adhesive is perfect for use with the new European tyre labels brought into effect in 2012.

A plasticizer-free adhesive manufactured using multi-layer technology allows for great print quality all the way to the edge of the label with no need for adhesive free zones or borders.

Excellent adhesive properties enable this adhesive to ensure your digital tyre labels stick fast to a range of different tyre compounds, combined with the convenience of digital print to enable you to buy as many or as few labels as you require, with no expensive origination costs!

New removable adhesives 

We are also delighted to announce three new removable adhesives to our range,


For use where a digital label needs to stick firmly but also be removable, this adhesive is suitable for cardboard packaging, PE Film, Steel, Curved surfaces, Over-edge labelling and rough surfaces.

42N is strongly resistant to light, heat and ageing and is also ISEGA approved for direct contact with foodstuffs.

HERMAperfectPeel 42Lpp

New to the HERMA range, this adhesive is designed using multi-layer technology to be fully removable and leave no residue behind. This adhesive is layered to ensure that no plasticizer migrates through the label onto your substrate.

Lightfast and resistant to heat and ageing, This adhesive is perfect for use with Glass, Paper, Polypropylene, PVC and both coated and uncoated metals.

HERMAperfectpeel 42Upp

HERMA 42Upp is also designed using multilayer technology using no plasticizer. Label created with this adhesive are ultra-easy to peel from critical surfaces such as glossy book and magazine covers. This adhesive leaves no residue and will leave your product complete and unharmed.

Containing no Plasticizer this adhesive will not affect your product in any way and is ideal for use on all glossy surfaces and glass.