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Label Printing for Large, Medium or Small Runs

Posted in CS Labels News by CS Labels on 13:57 January 04th, 2012
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The biggest worry or rather challenge until now is the worry of spending a lot of money on printed labels because you have no choice but to print in large runs due to the constraints label manufacturers face when it comes to offset printing. Today with the application and adoption of the best in technology and usage of the best in skilled resources this constraint has been diluted to give way to the advent of label manufacturers now being able to print labels for large, medium and small runs.

With this limitation removed from the system, our label printers can now offer printed labels solutions to our clients at more affordable costs with quality standards like never before. Label printers are very important in the industry of retail manufacturing because right from pharmaceuticals, to beverage companies, household products, etc they all require label solutions. Now with our technology and machinery that is advanced we can offer printed labels solutions at real competitive services.

Having studied the client’s need and order pattern since we started in the label printing industry, we realised that companies like the flexibility of being able to choose the size of their print run. At CS Labels we have purchased the Xeikon 3300 press. This press allows us as label printers to run print lengths that have become smaller with increasingly quicker turnaround times required. This is an ideal solution for large printing with regular changes to label designs, smaller quantities at competitive prices and sampling proof required before final order on printed labels.

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