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Need More Space on Your Product Label? Use Peel and Reveal Labels

Posted in CS Labels News by CS Labels on 09:50 February 24th, 2014
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Many companies that produce small, packaged products are finding that new government rules, regulations and standards relating to product label content are leaving them with less and less room on their labels. Fitting all of that information in whilst still maintaining noticeable branding can be quite a challenge. In these types of situations, peel and reveal labels from CS Labels can solve your problems.

Leave More Room For Branding With Peel And Reveal Labels

These days the number of requirements for product labels, especially food products, can place quite a burden on manufacturers and leave them struggling to fit everything on their labels. Requirements include ingredients lists, nutritional information, medical/health information and storage conditions, to name but a few. What’s more, some of these are legally required to be within the same field of view, adding even more things to consider. These problems can be mitigated through the use of peel and reveal labels – you can fit twice the information into the same amount of space. This has the added benefit of reducing printing costs, as printing a secondary label can incur higher costs when compared to simply using a peel and reveal label.

Commonly, a peel and reveal label will incorporate two layers of labelling with a dry adhesive holding the two together, allowing the consumer to easily separate the two. This is a great solution when you need to get more information across than you have space for. Further to this, peel and reveal labels are commonly used for promotions including discount codes, competitions and prize giveaways. What’s more, it’s possible to produce peel and reveal labels that have anti-tampering features that can prevent the label being peeled back before the product is purchased.

CS Labels Can Meet All of Your Labelling Requirements

CS Labels are industry leaders in high quality label production, using the latest Xeikon Colour Control and Colour-logic software to produce top quality labels without sacrificing on price. We can also carry out complex jobs with intricate colour requirements, with minimal turnaround time and no minimum order. Unsure of what your label will look like? We provide artwork guidelines and a press proof service so you know exactly what your peel and reveal labels will look like before you order them. 

Choose CS Labels for a quality and professional service. For more information email sales@cslabels.co.uk or call 01902 365840.