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Own label brands take digital packaging to the next level

Posted in CS Labels News by CS Labels on 14:38 May 29th, 2014
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Gone are the days of Kwik Save ‘No-frills’ and Tesco ‘Value’ when it comes to own labels. In a recent report by Mintel the sector was valued at £37bn in 2011, with this predicted to rise to £46bn in two years time.

For the first time ever, many own label brands are genuinely seen as a competitor to their advertised counterparts. The popular ‘middle ground’ luxury, best and finest variations has caused a massive shift in labels and packaging,  as retailers successfully mimic the big brands and beat them at their own game in many cases.

Cost is a main concern for many own brands, although with the predicted revenue increase we can already see a trend emerging for better, faster, and more eco-friendly ways of making those products truly compete with the big boys. Advances in label printing technology means that going digital can be a great way to front-up to the main labels.
Digital label printing allows you to print faster and at a very high quality, and different variations of the same line or range can be printed on the same press as effectively each digital label is unique. And the best news is that the cost is the same, whether you are printing a Value label or a Finest label.  And as regards order size, well here at CS Labels we are seeing larger runs of digital labels becoming more the norm.

Inventory wise, less label stock is held, meaning that reaction times for a ‘me-too’ is greatly reduced using digital. Effectively a retailer could have their own version on the shelf within a matter of weeks rather than months, enabling them to capture that all important spike in the consumption of a product that has been heavily promoted, without the cost of advertising or marketing.  And changing the packaging quickly to keep up with the Jones’ is quick and simple using a digital press.

Eco wise, digital label printing is overall much greener than traditional methods. It uses less raw materials, energy and water. The Xeikon digital printing presses we use produce no hazardous emissions of VOCs (Volatile organic compounds), they don’t use any process water, so don’t cause any water pollution. We’ve also just introduced a new method of printing flexible PE Polyethylene labels digitally which is already a great success and opens up even more ways to print labels.

So if you are an own label supplier or retailer, digital label printing is a great road to go down. You can mirror your competitors quickly without having to over-invest into labels and packaging. And when you consider that consumers are often confused with exactly what they are buying (38% of surveyed consumers accidentally bought the own-label in a survey by consumer group Which?), it makes sense to do it as fast and cost effectively as possible.  For more information on how we can make digital easy, please contact us.