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Peel and Reveal Labels - Ideal For Promotions

Posted in CS Labels News by CS Labels on 16:14 February 20th, 2014
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Product marketing is becoming more inventive all the time, with competitions, prize draws and extended giveaways becoming an established form of promotion for many companies. So how do you go about making this particular form of marketing effective when you have a packaged product? Peel and reveal labels are one way, and have a number of benefits when applied to promotional use.

Key Promotions On Your Product Can Benefit From Peel and Reveal Labels

A peel and reveal label features a surface label that conceals a hidden label underneath, usually with the former stuck to the latter by means of residue-free adhesive. They are commonly used as a space saving method for products that have limited space on their packaging, with details frequently ignored by the majority of shoppers (such as nutritional content, ingredients etc.) hidden underneath the surface label. This allows the entirety of the surface label to be used for aspects that are more likely to attract a shopper’s attention, such as eye-catching pictures and logos. This in of itself is quite good for brand promotion, and a major benefit of peel and reveal labels.

Peel and reveal labels are also becoming increasingly popular for limited-time use – namely for promotions that encompass some kind of competition or give away. The benefit here is that the customer can only know the code once they have peeled back the label, deterring them from entering the promotion without buying the product. This can be further reinforced through the use of special anti-tamper peel and reveal labels which prevent the top label from being peeled back before the product has been purchased. These types of labels are especially effective for discount codes, special offers and prize notifications.

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