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Pre-Flight Ensures The Quality Of Your Window Stickers

Posted in CS Labels News by Admin on 11:07 October 08th, 2013
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Why do you need pre-flight? Pre-flighting is the process of confirming that the digital files supplied for print are present, valid, correctly formatted and of the desired type in order to successfully produce quality window stickers and other label products.

What Does Pre-Flight Have To Do With Window Stickers?

In simple terms, a pre-flight checks the quality of PDF files before they are put into production. The pre-flight not only checks the technical quality of the file but also the printability of the file given the process and substrate involved. This ensures that the process of printing your window labels and other types of labels will not be impaired due to faulty formats, etc.

As artwork is supplied in a range of formats and from a range of customers with differing levels of design competency, most printers have a pre-press department which make the relevant alterations to prepare artwork for print. CS Labels performs this check to ensure a smooth printing operation that meets your expectations for digital labels, window stickers and other types of labels.

While most printers have pre-press facilities where artwork can be manually checked and altered to the printer’s standards, this can be a very time and labour intensive process. Even simple tasks, such as checking artwork in CMYK or that the fonts are embedded, add to the amount of time your order spends in pre-press and not on the digital press itself.

It is worthwhile to consider a fully integrated pre-flight system into the workflow as we have found at CS Labels with the recent installation of the ASURA system from Onevision. By automating a large chunk of the pre-press workflow the team can focus their attention on providing a higher quality and faster service to you.

10 Common Problems In Digital Label Print Resolved With Pre-flight System

  1. Image resolution. Pre-flight can check all the images on a file in a fraction of the time it would take an art-worker. This allows us to respond to customers with confidence about the likely print quality of images in their artwork for their window labels and other types of products.

  2. RGB or Indexed images. RGB is a screen only colour scheme and prints dramatically differently on a CMYK press. The pre-flight system can not only flag these images but optimally convert them to CMYK for print.

  3. Spot colours. At CS Labels the team uses the Colour Control system designed by Xeikon to digitally match to pantone colours. The Pre-flight system can check the spot colours, whether they are named correctly and are in the correct format.

  4. Font Issues. One of the major issues in pre-press is fonts that are not embedded into the PDF correctly. The pre-flight system can not only check the integrity of your fonts and that they are embedded but it can also embed any missing fonts from an extensive font database.

  5. White overprint. This issue is particularly tricky for digital label printers. Any white parts of the artwork with the setting overprint turned on will disappear when it is ripped for the press. This can be difficult to spot as it may not show in illustrator or acrobat reader unless you switch on the overprint preview. The pre-flight will fix the white overprint issue automatically.

  6. Rich Blacks. One of the problems faced in printing digital CMYK is that 100% tints of black aren't as deep or rich as we would like. Customers can be disappointed when the label looks washed out or faded. The pre-flight system will replace this mix with the optimum Rich black mix (100% Black and 20% of cyan yellow and magenta) This improves the overall quality of the finished digital label or window sticker.

  7. Transparency and effects. While CS Labels is fully capable of ripping and processing most transparency and effects on the press, the pre-flight can flag this to our attention so that the team can take special care that the digital label looks how you expect from your artwork file. It is also capable of detecting corruptions and fixing issues that wouldn’t necessary show in pre-press.

  8. Bleed and “safe” zone. Artwork that ends exactly on the cut line can sometimes result in a small amount of white showing at the edges due to minute shifts of the substrate on the press. With this in mind our team recommends a 3mm bleed around the edge of artwork as well as a 3 mm safe zone inside the cut area to be kept clear of text. The pre-flight is capable of checking these safety margins, allowing the team to respond quickly to our customers.

  9. Ink Coverage Excess. Ink coverage can increase the cost of your window stickers and other digital labels or even cause cracking of the toner and reduce the quality of the overall finish. The pre-flight system at CS Labels can give the team an exact breakdown of the amount of toner used in your label, which allows us to quote more accurately and prevent any “Over-coverage” which can occur.

  10. Registration. With the CMYK process the toner is laid down separately and so that the layers line up correctly, they are tested for registration on each job. However with exceptionally fine text or lines any small shift in this registration can render text blurry and unreadable. To combat this, the pre-flight system will reduce small multi-colour text into a single colour black and dramatically improve the legibility of text and fine lines on your artwork.

Get Quality Window Stickers At CS Labels

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