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Self Adhesive Labels are Everywhere

Posted in CS Labels News by CS Labels on 10:29 July 20th, 2012
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Self adhesive labels are a vital part of most marketing strategies nowadays. The idea of using these digital labels to promote the brand of a company and get it positioned successfully in a market has been largely accepted and most retail brands are benefiting from this. Labels are a simple sticker on which you can get text and graphs printed. This content helps in allowing consumers to know more about the brand while also making sure that it’s attractive enough to draw interest. In visual merchandizing particularly, self adhesive labels are rampant and if you walk into almost any retail store you would struggle to find one branded product without a digitally printed label on it.

Quality self adhesive labels for all your branding requirements

At CS Labels we understand the need for marketing and the importance of improving conversions with its implementation. Self adhesive labels can contain lots of information. We like to broadly define the content as nice to know and need to know information.

For need to know information these labels are best for displaying details on expiry dates, manufacturing details, validity, instructions of use, store and dispose guidelines, mandatory legal information and other similar things that cannot be avoided.

Need to know information is primarily focused on health & safety whereas nice to know information could carry details like recipes, new product launches, freebies, contests, seasonal offers etc. So as you can see these self adhesive labels are best used by a brand to communicate with the consumer.

CS Labels offers an extensive range of digitally printed labels

Our range of self adhesive labels services are pretty extensive. We have lots of labels that can get printed from bottle labels to food labels, chemical labels and much more. We are one of the top label manufacturing companies in the UK, offering labels printing solutions to clients in the UK and beyond.

We have an impressive state of the art infrastructure with machinery from Xeikon that are a league apart in quality. You will notice smooth registration, smooth tones, bright colors, clear graphics and stainless label features in all of our solutions. If you too want to make quality self adhesive labels work on your branding and marketing then get in touch with us for great services at even greater prices.