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Speeding Up Digital Labels And Labelling

Posted in CS Labels News by Admin on 09:34 October 04th, 2013
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These days it's all about time to market, from promotion or new product concept to reaching the store shelf. And labelling has to meet the same time constraints.

I've seen digital labelling on cans and window stickers at shop windows and was keen to see how it works on other substrates, so when CS Labels invited me along to see its latest Xeikon machinery in action, I was happy enough to travel a few hundred miles north to Walsall in the West Midlands.

Newest Technologies Of Digital Labels Printing

It's been a full-on day and managing director and company owner Simon Smith was a great speaker, explaining how the company CS Labels has moved from screen printing to digital labels printing with great success. Yet, he was also not afraid to talk about a few of the business ups and downs along the way. The company was open enough to invite lots of other digital label manufacturers along to view the set up, some of whom already have invested in Xeikon equipment.

The most impressive was the new VariLine which enables cost efficiency by computing the jobs lined up and suggesting the best use of substrate material – as it is able to run two completely different jobs at the same time – for both wide and narrow digital labels, window stickers and other types of labels alongside each other.

CS Labels On Digital Label Print And The Future

Hans Gerinckx of Xeikon Labels and packaging opened the day with a quick resume of all that can be done in anti counterfeiting, ranging from hidden images and embedded holograms, window stickers and foils, to security toner which only shows up under UV light. As he pointed out the future is not just digital printing but also digital production of labels.

John Hill of adhesive specialists Herma UK explained how two different coating weights do not stick together making label stripping for recycling easier. Migration of chemicals is a hot topic – especially when it comes to digital labels used directly onto foods with a high fat content such as cheese. Herma has developed 62Gpt which is safest to use.

Quicker Turnaround With The Digitalised Approach

Jeroen Van Bauwel of Xeikon spoke on integrating digital printing and speeding up the process using a separate press production to optimize flow. The use of a cloud based colour management system to ensure exact Pantone colour accuracy is a big step forward and patent pending laser die cutting is also hot news and key to automating label production. The laser Vectorizer can read barcodes and QR codes, and camera inspection systems can sort potential defects.

"Digital printing gives manufacturers the ability to develop their brand image," concluded Simon – "it's not just cost cutting that wins but quality and getting the job out to the customer".

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