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The Many Uses of Self Adhesive Labels

Posted in CS Labels News by CS Labels on 09:28 March 21st, 2014
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Ever since their introduction, self adhesive labels have become increasingly popular to the point where they are now almost ubiquitous and can be found on everything from price stickers to the sides of planes. The multitude of technological innovations that have followed their introduction mean that they can now be used on almost any product in any environment.

Whatever Your Product, Self Adhesive Labels Can Work For You

It’s tempting to think of a self adhesive label as nothing more than a ‘sticky label’ which people use as a name tag when starting a new job. Whilst this is in essence what a self adhesive label is, the truth is that the world of self adhesive labels is far more nuanced with many different variations and varieties. With many different adhesives and face materials to choose from, you can find a combination which works best for your product.

The Many Components of a Self Adhesive Label

During production, a self adhesive label consists of 3 components – backing paper (that the label is attached to), a layer of adhesive and the face material. Whilst it is not necessary to alter backing paper, the latter two components can be highly customised to ensure your self adhesive label is optimised for the product you sell. For example, a label that will need to spend a protracted amount of time under water or in a moist environment will benefit from a ‘high tack’ adhesive, which has a high bonding affinity and is therefore strongly adheres to the surface. The downside of high tack adhesives is that they will tend to leave a lot of residue if removed. Conversely, for products where the label will be removed (book covers, DVDs, shoes) an ‘ultra-peelable’ adhesive can be used to ensure as little residue as possible is left.

The face material is another important component. Paper is a common material used for self adhesive labels that will not be exposed to the environment (such as price stickers). At the other end of the spectrum, synthetic face materials such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET) can be used to create a highly durable self adhesive label that can survive most conditions.

CS Labels Can Meet All of Your Labelling Requirements

CS Labels are industry leaders in high quality self adhesive label production, and using the latest Xeikon technology can produce top quality labels without sacrificing on price. We can also carry out complex jobs with intricate colour requirements with minimal turnaround. Want to know what your label will look like before you order it? We provide artwork guidelines and a press proof service so you know exactly what your self adhesive labels will look like before you order them. For more information email sales@cslabels.co.uk or call 01902 365840.